Hot chocolate and rainy days

Rain. My least favorite weather of all time. It might be good for the plants and the garden, but after a bike ride home, I feel like a flower that has been watered a little too much! Besides, it's the middle of May, where has that sun been hiding? There is one good thing about it though, it makes learning just a tad less worse.

I must confess, I like rain from time to time. When I'm staying inside all day, when I'm lying in my bed at night, reading a book, or when I'm watching a movie, the rain can be very cosy and even somewhat 'comforting'. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that! On other days though, I have to go outside, like today, to go to school for example. Those definitely are the I-hate-rain days. And the days when I feel like I need a little extra, because I deserved it!

Today was one of those days. I am a tea-lover, maybe even a freak.. But nothing can beat a nice hot chocolate! Some of you may know that I'm trying to eat healthy, just because I don't want to give my body crap. And although some people think it's ridiculous and they think I'm trying to lose some weight, I see that my body benefits from it. And if I lose some weight by doing that, nice extra!

I am not willing to give up all of my delicious things though. My biggest addiction is chocolate. Luckily, in my opinion chocolate is the best if it's bitter. I love 70% cocoa chocolate and let that be very good for you.. A while ago, I made a skinny hot chocolate mix. It's a recipe by Dashing Dish, which is an amazing site (look for the strawberry muffins too!). I didn't put the peppermint in, because it is quite hard to find in Belgium. I must admit, it doesn't taste exactly the same way real hot chocolate does. It is less creamy (although you can use full-fat milk to make it fuller), but I love it nevertheless. And honestly, the calories I save, I can spend on something amazing to have with it.

I'm sorry there is no recipe and that this post isn't exactly what my other blog posts are, put I am having a lack of sleep and a whole lot of work for school! Do not panic though, I'm still looking for delicious recipes and I'll be reviewing a mascara very soon too! Big hugs and let's hope the sun will stop hiding soon.

-PS: Sorry, I tried to take a picture of the rain but it didn't show up, so my pictures were kinda useless :)

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