REVIEW | Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara

If I have to choose one thing to take with me on a deserted island (make-up wise), it would be mascara. When I was 13, I bought my first mascara from Essence. It is a cheap brand, perfect for a 14-year-old, who doesn't know anything about make-up. I had bought that mascara for a reason: the upcoming school party. It basically is the first 'party' I ever went to, and it was something everyone wanted to dress up for. When I look back on it, there was nothing special about it (one of our teachers was the DJ!), but I had a lot of fun. Sadly enough for me, my mom discovered my purchase and took it away, so I ended up at the school party without mascara.

She gave it back on my fourteenth birthday and that's when I started using it from time to time. I think I was 15 when I started to buy more expensive mascara's and used them more often. Since then, I have always loved Maybelline. I must admit, I haven't tried many other brands (the ones I tried were all awful), but these are amazing.

When my niece went to the US to study, I asked her to bring me some mascaras, since they are much cheaper to buy them over there! One of the mascaras she brought me, is the Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara. For some reason, this mascara isn't being sold in Belgium and I don't know if it ever will. Nevertheless, I wanted to review it.

The mascara my niece bought, is the waterproof version. I think it was an accident, because I didn't specifically ask for it. Honestly, I'm not really a waterproof-fan. I don't really wear mascara in the summer - and definitely not when I go swimming - and they're always a pain in the ass to get off. I don't want to buy a waterproof make-up remover since I think it's useless, so I have to struggle with my mascara each night to get it off. I haven't tried swimming with it, but I think it would stay on pretty nicely.

The coating itself is really nice. I feel like a mascara can make such a difference on your look, and that is definitely so for this mascara. It applies very smoothly, without clumps, which is an essential point! I have one problem with it though, but maybe that is just my mascara: the rubber seems to have come off. As you can see on the picture, it is not perfect in place anymore. I was lucky that it only came that far yesterday, but very often it comes out completely. As I said, it might only be mine, but it is quite annoying.

Overall, I like it. It's not my favourite Maybelline mascara (that is the One By One), so I don't think I would repurchase it if it would be available in Belgium. Still, I think this is a good Maybelline mascara, and a whole lot better than some other brands!

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