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Almost a year ago (at Christmas, to be exact), my parents gave me a smart watch. I had been eyeing a sports watch for quite a while already, mainly to track my runs. I asked one for Christmas, but they gave me a smart watch instead. Why? Because it links with my phone and has a lot more functions, which meant it was a lot better value for its money than a regular sports watch. Since I have obviously tested this baby an elaborate amount of times, I thought I’d give you my opinion about it. Be aware, because this is a ridiculously long post. 

I often get questions whether it really is a smart watch I’m wearing. People still think of it as something rather weird, especially because they think of the Apple watch which is crazy expensive. I personally own a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, so that is why my parents got me the Samsung one. It only works with Samsung, but that's the same with the Apple watch and it costs a lot more. I am very happy with my phone, so I am rather positive that whenever I’m in need of a new phone, I will also opt for a Samsung.

More about the Gear Fit itself: it is a little rectangular device that ‘clicks’ in a bracelet and is worn like a watch. It doesn’t have the same resemblance of a watch as the Apple watch, but it’s also less prominent. I personally still wear a watch because I have them so I think it’s a shame not to, but there’s no need to do so as the Gear Fit indicates the hour and the date. It works with touch screen, so you have to slide to go to the other screens. It connects with the bluetooth on your phone, which is mainly important for incoming messages or calls. To use the Gear Fit, you have to install the Samsung Gear App which is connected with the S Health App. All your data are saved on this app. There are different colours available for the bracelets. I own a black one, which I wear most of the time, and a red one, which I use when I do a workout. Something more about the functions:

Heart rate
The first function is a rather convenient one for the runners amongst us. Most sports watches require a heart rate monitor to calculate your heartbeat while running, but the Gear Fit does that for you by calculating your wrist pulse. I’m not extremely sure of how accurate it is, but I personally don’t run on my heart rate so I don’t think it is that important. If you are, then you might want to consider getting a sports watch with a hear rate monitor instead.

This functions has several parts: walking, running, biking and hiking. The running function has the option of coaching, which gives you indications while you are being running. The other functions have the option to calculate your heart rate while you are being active. All functions give you the possibility to set a goal, which can be a certain distance, time or amount of calories burned. I never set a goal, but it always calculates both distance, times and the amount of calories that are burned.

This kind of speaks for itself. To use this function, you have to set a goal. Since the daily recommendation is 10.000 steps, I decided to go for that amount. When you’re in half, at 5.000 steps in my case, the Gear Fit buzzes a little. When you reach your goal, it buzzes again. You can see your history displayed on the watch for up to seven days. If you want to look back further, you can consult the app.

I’m a fan of this function! The Gear Fit doesn’t automatically sense that you are asleep, you have to activate this function. I don’t mind because it really becomes a habit after a while. After you have activated it, you won’t get any message or call notifications anymore, which I love. How does it work? Since it is on your wrist, it will be monitoring the movement of your wrist. Of course that isn’t always accurate as you can be wide awake without moving, but I’m still amazed to see how much I move throughout the night. I usually sleep motionless for 85-90% of the time.

Stopwatch & Timer
No explanation needed. When you activate the timer on your phone, the watch will buzz when it ends.

Search my phone
Not much explanation needed either. Whenever you can’t find your phone, this function will make your phone play a song, even when it’s muted.

Media Controller
I personally don’t use this because I use my old iPod Nano to go running and I don’t have any music on my phone. If you do, this makes running even easier. You don’t need to fiddle with your phone to change a song anymore, you can just use this function to start and pause your music and to fast forward to the next song.

When you get a text message, it will pop up on the screen. However, if you have missed it, you can still read it afterwards using this function. If you have missed calls, they will also appear under this function. The Gear Fit buzzes once when you receive a message and buzzes several times when someone is calling. For someone who always mutes their phone, this is the only possibly way not to miss every call. I really like it!

The most technical part. The only thing I want to tell you about it is that this shows the battery life of the Gear Fit. However, the watch also buzzes and indicates when the battery is low and needs to be loaded.

The watch is 149€. Is it worth it in my opinion? Yes, completely! Most sports watches are the same price or even more expensive and have less functions. It can handle a little water (like rain, for example) but it will drown when you shower with it. I have been wearing and using the Gear Fit for a year now and I'm completely hooked! For everyone thinking about buying it, I definitely advise you to do so, you won't be disappointed.

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