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Whenever I go through a stressy period, my skin tends to break out. It seems as if it feels what I'm going through and thinks 'Oh, let's just make this worse'. During such times, I feel as if my skin needs some pushing to get back on track. That's when I like to grab a mask and enjoy. I usually have some masks for acne-prone skin lying around to tame my skin and make sure I can go outdoors the next day.

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Yesterday, I felt like my skin needed something a little more nourishing. I had been out all day, playing with little kids, and my face felt like it needed a reward. Now that's where the problem is. I never buy nourishing masks, I only buy the ones that make my acne disappear. Luckily, I bought myself some dr. van der Hoog masks last week. It is a Dutch brand that focuses on skin care. They have a very wide range of masks, as you can see above. I bought 4 masks, mainly pore refining. Good thing I had also chosen this one! It is a cleaning and stimulating mask and although that is not 100% what I wanted, it was close enough to give it a try.

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I put it on - there is definitely enough in this to put on a royal layer - for about 15 minutes and rinsed it off in the shower. Man, my skin felt great! It almost felt like a baby bottom.. When I came out of the shower and put on my nightcream, I didn't really notice a difference, but I definitely felt it! Maybe an important sidenote: there isn't a noticeable scent to this mask. When you first put it on, it has a really nice scent, but this disappears. I really don't mind, I prefer it to be soft scented because I'm very sensitive to scents, and more specifically, smells. So if you ever have the opportunity to buy a dr. van der Hoog mask, definitely do! They usually are a little more than 2 euros, which is not really cheap, but they are worth it, my face can tell you.

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  1. We loved the masks too :) We are definitely going to buy them again :)