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I've been back home from Italy since Sunday evening, but I haven't been sitting still since then! On Wednesday, me and a friend went on a mini-citytrip. We took an early train to Amsterdam and got back late at night! What we did? We shopped a little, we ate delicious foods and we laughed a lot. It was an amazing day, and I want to share the places where we ate! Amsterdam is filled with fun lunch spots and there are a lot of healthy options. Enough places for a healthy breakfast or lunch! As much as I love Antwerp, we could learn something from that. But I'm going off-topic here, so let's just get into it!

Bagels & Beans
For lunch, we went to Bagels & Beans, which is a bagel restaurant chain with several spots in Amsterdam. We went to the one in the Raadhuisstraat, simply because it was closest to where we were. It was very busy and tiny inside and we were lucky to have the last table! Our waitress was obviously unexperienced and stressed because it was so busy, which was a shame because she was very friendly. We both had a small mixed juice which was really yummy. It had banana, orange, raspberry and some more fruit I don't remember. For lunch, they have several bagels you can choose from, but we both decided to go for the 'Oathie'. It's a very dense bagel, made with a lot of whole grains and seeds. I opted for the buffalo mozzarella, tomato, pesto & pine nuts and my friend picked the smoked chicken, mango chutney, hummus & rocket salad. They were delicious! I had a lot of mozzarella and hers was pretty full too. Their other bagels looked really good too, so I want to go back one day!

Yoghurt Barn
Yoghurt barn is exactly what the name says: a yoghurt place! They have several yoghurts (frozen, regular, fat-free, etc.) and top them with the most delicious things. They have a menu with fixed combinations, but you can also make your own combination. We had seen a lot about it on Instagram and decided to make reservations for a high tea. Best decision ever! What we all got? See for yourself. ALLLLLLLLL of this! We had a pot of tea and about 8 different teas to choose from. We could take a different tea with each cup, which was really nice. They even refilled our pot for free!

We also had 4 yoghurt combinations, which were all very delicious. We each had 3 rolls from het Vlaamsch Broodhuys: one whole grain, one garlic and one whole grain with raisins! With that, we got 2 yoghurt spreads, one with herbs and one with sundried tomato (which tasted like heaven). Next to that, we also had one apple juice and one apple & cranberry juice. And if that wasn't enough, we had 6 (!!) pieces of pie to share. They were all sugar free & gluten free, so not too bad for you - although we would've eaten them as well if they weren't healthy, duh! We got one brownie, one piece with cherry & dark chocolate, one granola bar, one piece with berry & white chocolate, one with pistachio & green tea and one with orange and lemon! I really loved them all. We were inside for more than 2 hours and it was really cozy.

It was very quiet and at one point, we were the only customers inside. Suddenly, one of the waitresses was standing in front of us and explained she was experimenting with coffee art, whether we wanted a free cappuccino? Hell yes! These little things make everything even better. This high tea was definitely one of the best experiences so far, I was truly happy when we left.

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