Fell in love again: MAC Parfait Amour

The first time I ever went to the MAC-store, I was pretty proud of myself. I don't know about you, but the store was quite intimidating to me. The sleek, black design and all of the make up artists walking around to help you: very high-quality, but extremely overwhelming for a 16-year old. Okay, that might be a little over the top, but still, I didn't feel comfortable going in there. But I really wanted a MAC eyeshadow, definitely after hearing so much great things about it!

So when I was shopping with my mom, I finally found the guts to go in and buy myself an eyeshadow! I usually wear a lot of gold and brown-toned eyeshadows, but I wanted to know whether there was another colour that suited my blue eyes. And honestly, I was going to pay 16 euros for an eyeshadow, I wanted something that was worth the while. So when the lady (who was very friendly by the way) came over to me and asked me what shade I wanted, I said: I'm not sure, but not something gold or brown. Since I was wearing gold that day, she applied a purple eyeshadow over it. The colour itself was Parfait Amour: a shimmery purple with blue undertones. As I still was a little intimitaded (haha), I decided to buy it. But then I came home, and all of a sudden, it seemed too special.

Although I was very happy with it (it's MAC, duh), it was weird to see a purple shade on my eyes instead of the usual gold or brown. I did wear it from time to time and one of my friends actually said she found this colour to be the prettiest on my eyes. But for some reason, I still didn't wear it very often.

Last week, my finals started and since they are all oral, I put a little more effort in looking 'done'. Suddenly, my eye fell on the Parfait Amour and I thought, why not? It's way too long ago! After putting on my gold base (the MAC lady told me to do so!), I applied Parfait Amour and... I fell in love (like the colour promises, haha). The colour looked so pretty on my eyes, I just couldn't believe that I had neglected it for so long! Needless to say, I wore my Parfait Amour all week long.

If anyone would ask me whether I would recommend Parfait Amour, my answer is: thousand times yes. But I do realize that not everyone looks good with the same eyeshadow, and that is why I mainly recommend going to the MAC store and asking for advice. The ladies really aren't as intimidating as they look and are the best at helping you out! I must admit, with both of my MAC eyeshadows (I own Paradisco as well), it took me a while to know how they looked best on my eyes, but I love both of them right now! And yes, those 16 euros were worth my while.

P.S - Sorry I didn't put in more picture of it on my eyes, but my camera made the eyeshadow look like a colourless shimmer!

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