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If you know me, you know that I am in love with apple and cinnamon. Anything with apple & cinnamon in it, is not safe when I have found it. Sad thing, it very often are the things filled with junk. All extremely delicious, but not to eat everyday! Apple & cinnamon tarts, apple pie (both cold & hot), apple cake, name it & I'll eat it. A couple of months ago, I found a recipe for warm apples with cinnamon, which turned out to be delicious. Although it isn't very difficult to make, I prefer eating in the winter. With warmer weather coming up, I am looking for new ways to eat my delish apple & cinnamon.

When I was looking for some yogurt in the Albert Heijn in Antwerp, some little cups with beautiful packaging took my attention. What did I see? A slice of delicious, homemade apple pie on a cute little, 1-portion cup. Welllll... That looks like something for me! It was marketed as 'the most delicious pampering yogurt', which is always a good trick to sell something, or at least it was for me! The only thing I wasn't too sure about, is that it was made with full-fat yogurt. Since I have been raised with low-fat yogurt, I prefer the low-fat taste, the full-fat often is just too creamy for me. Crazy, I know. So for that reason, I decided not to buy it.

Until, of course, I came back a couple of weeks later. This time, the apple pie almost yelled at me and I thought, well, why not, there's nothing apple & cinnamon flavoured that isn't yummy, right? Since I'm a weirdo like that, I kept it for a 'special' occasion. Luckily for me, I go running quite often and that seemed like a great treat afterwards! And God... it was! I was a little conspicuous, even while opening it up, because I saw immediately that the consistency was very rich. And then I took my first bite. OMG. The only thing to be said. Seriously, if you love apple & cinnamon, or even apple  pie, just a little bit, stop reading, run to your nearest Albert Heijn, or start crying if you don't have one near you.

Yup, I must admit, ever since I ate that first package, I went back and repurchased some more. I was smart though, I only got the small packages (they have a 500 ml tub too), so I wouldn't go crazy over it and eat it all in one day. And weird as I am, I still save it for 'special' occasions. But honestly, learning for an awful exam is special, right? I only have to find a reason for the next one. But until then, I have only one thing to say: GO, now, and buy some!

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