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I hate hair. Not on my head of course, but everything apart from that. If you ask me, there is no reason for legz and armpits to even have hair. I hope that within thousands of years, women will not have to take it off anymore. There honestly is no use for it to be there. Okay, that may be a little superficial, but I think you understand my love for hair, right?

For years, I have been shaving my legs and armpits. As it is a very quick and painless method, it also is very temporary. There was a time when I shaved my armpits 3 - 4 times a week. Little crazy, huh? Since I am very lazy when it comes to removing my leg hair, I hate having to shave my legs, since you have to shave them at least once a week in summer! About a year ago, I started epilating my legs. Now I must admit, it hurts. I've become almost numb for it now, but the first times I had to 'anaesthetize' my legs with ice cubes, because I couldn't bear the pain. Honestly, I promise it gets better aaand it's worth it!

The only thing about epilating - definitely when you do your entire leg - is that it takes a lot of time. I tried waxing my armpits about two weeks ago with waxstrips that had been in a drawer for some time and it actually worked amazing! So I decided to buy some new ones and try them on my legs! Well.. First things first: they do cost quite some more than razors. There are 20 strips in there, which definitely is enough, but not generous if you want to do your entire legs.

The second issue, which bothered me most, is the extreme stickiness of these strips. You have to warm them in your hands for about 5 seconds so they work best, but they are so sticky! A lot of the wax keeps sticking to your legs. You should remove this with the after-treatment wipes, but in my case it was more trying to remove it. It would not come off for the life of me and my legs were sticky the entire day.

What I found most inconvienent, is the fact that you should only wax each part once. It is probably due to the sensitivity of your legs, but if you do not want to use a new strip each time, not all the hair will come off. Next to that, it is quite hard to wax a 'zone' a second time, because the hairs have wax on them already and they just get more wax on them instead of being pulled out.

For the moment, both of my legs are semi-hairless. For me, that means I'll go back to epilating and do it properly - even if it takes more time. I will keep using wax strips to do my armpits, because they worked quite well for that. But for my legs, it definitely isn't as easy as they promise. It's a nay if you ask me!

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  1. Hmm, not sure if I should reply in Dutch or in English.. :D but for the sake of other people reading this who may be English, I completely agree with this article. but if you let somebody else (preferably a professional) wax your legs it goes pretty good.

    It costs more (unless you sign up to become a model for somebody who's learning how to wax others). The hairs stay away for a long time too. I don't have the patience to epilate my whole legs since it takes ages and is pretty painful. The last time and first time I let somebody else wax my legs it wasn't very painful and I'll keep using this method of removing hair.

    Nice Article Helen, keep blogging!