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If there is one thing I really love, it is coming home in the afternoon and having a packet waiting for you. That might be the reason why I shop online quite often.. Oh well. You can imagine that when I came back from my trip, I was very excited to see that something was waiting for me!

Although I'm not much of an expert, I do know that decent brushes are the basics when it comes to makeup. The ones I have weren't very expensive, but they work quite well. Until... I decided to buy a blending brush. It was plain rubbish! It was a brush from HEMA, a Dutch brand. No, not a makeup brand, so maybe I should have expected that, but the eyeshadow brush I have from there does its job nicely! I must say, I was very disappointed with the brush since it just was wasted money. It is just too big and too fluffy to do anything properly.

With that in mind, I was looking through the Sigma website. If you search their brushes on Google, you'll see that they're quite often compared to MAC brushes! But those are more than 25 euros, these were just ten... I had been eyeing them for a couple of years, but since they were only available online, I never really 'dared' to order them. That's where my niece came to the rescue! She's a professional makeup artist and pretty much is the person I personally know with the largest brush collection. I thought: if she has tried a billion brushes, she is probably the one to tell me which one I should buy! Of course she recommended the MAC ones. They are just amazing. But 27 euros for a brush? That is more than I could reasonably spend. But.. She also said the Sigma ones were a great dupe. And 10 euros is just a little better, don't you think?

After hearing her great experiences, I decided to order 3 brushes, all blending brushes: the E25, which is the regular Blending brush, the E40, which is the Tapered Blending brush and the E45, the Small Tapered Blending brush. Honestly? I just bought them because my niece said they were all great. Hey, and if I was going to pay shipping costs to Belgium once, I can better buy some more!

They arrived in quite a big box, with a cute card that said 'Thank you for choosing Sigma Beauty. Keeping the world beautiful.', a little booklet with the complete professional brush collection and last but not least, a cute gift box with my brushes. I must say, the box was way too big for those 3 brushes! But it looked really nice, so I didn't mind. The brushes themselves are all very soft and have quite long handles, which I like. As you can tell, I'm very excited about all of them and will definitely use them very soon - you'll probably see them coming by!

I ordered them the 27th of August and they arrived a little bit before the 6th of September, which means it probably took about a week. I'm not sure about the exact delivery date, since I was still on vacation. But for me, that looks quite reasonable seeing it had to come from the US. So far, I'm very positive about my experience with Sigma and I'll probably order there again if I need some more brushes!

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