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It is time for another teste tast! After my Apple & Cinnamon Yoghurt and my Apple & Cinnamon Bars, something that is not apple & cinnamon. Shocking huh? Well, there is something else I love with all my heart: green tea. I drink it everyday, multiple times. I have no idea when my habit started, but right now, I have to get my cup of green tea after dinner.

Even in the summer months, I need to drink my green tea. But when it's hot, that is not always what you want. So when I was browsing through Xenos and bumped into some Iced Green Tea, I decided I had to try them!

The first one is from a very known brand: Lipton. It is the T Fusions green tea with honey. It claims to be an 'infusion' tea and says it contains 95% of green tea. Of course, the next ingredient is sugar, which probably takes up the other 5 procent. But that still is quite ok, compared to some sodas. I must say, I wasn't wowed with the taste. It wasn't bad, but it was a little dull. Not something I would buy again.

The next one is from Oishi and it is the Japanese Oishi Green Tea with honey & lemon. The funny thing about this one is that the bottle says 'For Export Only'. Or am I the only one who thinks that is quite funny? Well... This one only contains 85% of green tea and I must say, it was a lot sweeter. For a couple of sips, I liked it better than the Lipton green tea, but I couldn't drink more than that. It is so extremely sweet that it took me a couple of days to drink it completely. And honestly? That much sweetness is not what I look for in a green tea.

My final conclusion? Neither of them convinced me. Nope, I will not buy these again in the (near) future. The one was too sweet, the other didn't have a great taste. I'll just go back to my regular green tea then. And who knows, maybe I'll find the ideal iced green tea by next summer! Or I'll just have to make it myself...

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