2015 Resolutions

If you haven't noticed already, a new year started! Which means I'll write 2014 on documents for the first six months and when I'm properly used to writing 2015, it'll be New Year's already. Apparently, by this time most people's New Year's resolutions have already failed. So I thought, why not make some resolutions now, maybe I'll have more chance fulfilling them!

I'm actually not really a fan of resolutions, precisely because of the hype around it and the very low succeeding rate. But hey, no one is perfect (although I loved the picture above) so I've got some things I want to work on as well! Here they are:

Taking more pictures
I suck at taking pictures. While I think it is very important to be aware of what is surrounding instead of focusing on taking pretty pictures, I don't have a great memory. I easily forget details, and that's what taking pictures is good for. So I'll have something to look back on and remember.

Travel more often
I'm in a fase/phase where I just want to pack my bag and go far, far away. If someone would offer me the possibility to travel the world for a year, I wouldn't even have to think about it. So this year, I want to travel more often. Not necessarily extremely far, but just jump into the car on a Saturday morning and drive to some town not too far away. I'd haven't been to Germany that often before and it's actually not too far away, so it would be perfect for a day or a weekend.

Worry less
I read somewhere that 98% of the things you worry about. That didn't even surprise me, I worry about pretty much everything! Am I going to miss my train? Will the bus be too soon? Is my exam really at 10? And yes, that means I'll check my schedule at least 5 times, just to be sure. I also keep worrying about things too long. Even if something happened and I can't do anything about it anymore, I'll still worry. SO this year, I'm gonna try to stop doing that. My head is enough of a chaos already without the worrying so time for that!

I think 3 resolutions are enough for a year, don't you think? Let's see how long I keep up!

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