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A couple of weeks ago, I was in the car with a friend and couldn't help but notice how good she looked. Since she was driving, I could inspect her a little more and suddenly I saw it: she was wearing a gorgeous blush! Ever since I started using make up, I've only been wearing concealer, eyeshadow & mascara. For special occassions, I sometimes use my CC cream to look flawless (or so I like to think). But now I decided it was time for me to get some blush as well!

And since I'm original like that, I just asked her which blush she used and bought the exact same one. Go me! Apparently it was one from Make Up Academy, a brand I already wrote about. A couple of months ago it hit stores Belgium and it's now available in selected Kruidvat stores, but not in the one I usually go to! So I just ordered it online. Here is what I got:

Blusher - shade 5
This is the blush my friend told me about. To be honest, it's also the blush I've been wearing ever since. I first used it for my New Year's party and I love how natural it is, yet it makes me look even more flawless. It gives you that perfect healthy glow! It is shimmery in the pan, but not really on your face. It's a pink shade with some orange/rose sparkles.

Blusher - shade 4
When I saw this shade online, I fell in love. In the pictures, it looked prettier than the one above, but now I know how amazing the first one is, I'm not so sure anymore. I haven't tried this one out yet, but I am thinking it is more suitable for Summer as it is more orange. It is nearly matt, with very tiny shimmer in it. As stated, this is a rather orange shade and I feel it will be perfect on bronzed skin in Summer.

Mosaic Bronzer Sunkissed Glow - shade 2
Since I was buying blush anyway, I figured I should buy some bronzer as well. As I was buying online, I wasn't too sure what shade to get because I didn't want to look like an oompaloompa. My skin has a pink undertone and that's why I decided to go for this bronzer. The colours aren't too dark and the different shades combined have a natural effect. It gives my face that perfect sunkissed glow in Winter!

F6 Blusher & contouring brush (on the left)
As I didn't own any blush or bronzer, I didn't have any tools either. I decided to go for this one because the angle makes it perfect for applying both bronzer and blush and well, the brush itself says it's made for blusher & contouring. So I guess I'll believe that, huh? I do really like it and the angle is very handy indeed!

F4 Powder brush (on the right)
This brush is perfect for setting powder. Whenever I use my CC cream, I go over it with transparent powder to set it. I didn't have any proper brush for that job either, so I decided to go for it now I was already going crazy! Again, this brush works like a charm.

I truly love MUA, because it's cheap but still offers great quality. For all of these products, I paid less than 15 euros. How could I resist? And it makes me really happy to see they work amazingly!

Available online or at Kruidvat (selected stores). 

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