My 2014 favourites

It's 2015, woohoo! Happy New Year to all of you! It's crazy how fast these last months went by. It was a great year in which I created a lot of memories I'll remember for the rest of my life. Of course, not everything can be as fun and there were some shitty moments, but overall it was a nice year! Since I did a favourite post last year, I though it would be fun to do it again! I present: my 2014 favourites.

Favourite lipstick
I only got this lipstick at the beginning of December, but I'm completely in love with it. Last year, my godfather gave me a coupon for MAC and it was going to expire so I had to buy something.. Well, that wasn't hard. I told the lady I wanted a lipstick that was "my lips but better" and she gave me this beautiful Viva Glam V lipstick. When I first saw it, I thought it was way too dark but hell no, it is prrrrretty! I seriously already considered picking up a second one for when I ever run out.

Favourite eyeshadow
I never thought I would like this palette as much as I do, but I'm in love! Remember when I wrote about the Hello Autumn collection from Essence? The eyeshadow palette turned out to be gorgeous! The colour payoff is amazing and it lasts all night. I prefer to use it at night because it definitely grabs the attention, but it is SO beautiful.

Favourite drink
I'm still as much in love with tea as last year, but I developed another addiction. Chai latte! I love me some lattes from time to time and this is the perfect mix between tea and coffee. I love it. It has a mix of spices and cinnamon is an essentiel ingredient, so naturally I'm addicted to this drink. I love this chia powder from Baru, which is a Belgian brand. I have the spicy chia and it's amazing for a 4 PM break!

Favourite accessory
Now the weather is really cold, I'm digging up all of my thick scarves. I love circle scarves and scarves that are more like blankets, because you can nearly live in them when it's cold. I'm currently in love with this one from New Look. It was only €11.99 and it's really warm! I saw it on Lifesplash and immediately knew I had to buy it. I'm really happy I did. And for that price, I couldn't say no.

Favourite cd
I've been really into buying cds this year, because I love listening to them when I'm driving. For Christmas, I got Native from One Republic and V from Maroon 5 and I love them both! But my all time favourite cd of the year must definitely be In The Lonely Hour from Sam Smith. His voice is fenomenal and his songs all give me goose bumps. Definitely worth it!

Favourite memory
Some great things happened this year that I'm sure I'll always remember. I passed my first year of university, went to Valencia with the most amazing friends on earth and ran a half marathon. I'm still really proud of myself for that! This year, I ran quite some races and although I'm a very slow runner, I truly enjoy putting in my ear buds, lacing up my shoes and just go. It makes me happy.

I'm very curious for what 2015 will bring me, as there are some amazing things on the planning already. I'm ready for it, hope you are too!

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