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I've been getting a little better at sharing hotspots with you, don't you think? The last one I shared with you was about 2 months ago, Tinsel! I just had to share this spot with you, as I'm too excited for it! As you can see from the logo, RAW is a healthy & tasty saladbar. It's located in the Kammenstraat, in a small and cute spot, as you can see above!

As soon as you come in, this blackboard greets you! You have to order at the bar, which makes it a perfect takeaway spot as well. The serve salads and yoghurts and also make juices and sweets! As you can tell from the picture above, the have several different combinations of salads and yoghurts. Buuuut, the fun part? You can make your own as well! Their salads consist of 5 to 6 components (salad, veggies, grains, cheese & nuts, dressing and meat or chicken if you want!) and their yoghurts consist of 3 tot 4 components (yoghurt, fruit, toppings and grains). I didn't try a juice this time, but I tried the green juice before -with apple, cucumber, mint, spinach and agave- and it was delicious! 

We both decided to go for The Big Apple! It's made with fat-free Greek yogurt, granola, apples, cranberries and cinnamon. I'm not a fan of cranberries, so I asked whether I could get cashews instead. Still a great combo though! Their granola is homemade and it's very crunchy and delicious. They also sell their granola so you can use it at home! Their portion sizes are very nice as well. I wasn't too hungry since I hadn't had breakfast that long before, but this filled me up for quite a while!

They sell several healthy, sugarfree desserts like raw pie, oatmeal cookies and these raw power balls! The flavours are different every single day and they don't always have everything. I decided to try out two power balls because they were just too tempting. The left one is made with almonds and the right one with cacao (obviously)! Both of them were nice, but the one with cacao was drop dead amazing. It had a very rich taste, but not too much (those totally aren't contradictions, nope).

Their full menu! I personally think their prices are very reasonable. Fresh ingredients are never cheap, and the portion sizes are nice. They're all definitely worth the price.

How cute is this little set-up? The inside is very white, wood and green. There are plants in different corners and it gives the place a nice vibe!

The bar. The power balls are in those 4 jars on top and the pie is usually on top as well! As it was pretty hot that day, they put out a sign saying it was in the fridge and you just had to ask for it. 

A side view from the bar! All the ingredients for the salads are in there, which is nice if you want to make your own. I'm always better at choosing things when I can see them, so this is really something for me. 

This bar is perfect for a quick & healthy food fix, but there are some spots where you can sit as well! They also have free Wifi, so it's a perfect spot to work a little. I can imagine myself working for school with a delicious yoghurt and a fresh juice!

RAW is located at Kammenstraat 55, Antwerp. 

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