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I love how being a blogger is the perfect excuse to buy new makeup or beauty things. I can always justify my purchases by saying I really 'need' it for a review or a haul. So when I stopped at Kruidvat last week, I couldn't leave these things behind! They're both from Catrice and are part of the It Pieces collection, which is the limited edition collection for the summer. It's supposed to be in stores through July and August, but I hadn't seen the collection before last week! I feel like the stores are often a little late with their collection. Here are my first impressions! 

I bought a lipstick in the colour 030 Wood You Love Me. They had 3 different colours, but this one looked like it would match my lips quite nicely. A while ago, I went to MAC and asked the lady for a lipstick that was like my lips, but better. I was really surprised with the colour she gave me, because it was rather dark en not too pink! When I saw this colour, I thought it resembled my MAC lipstick a little, so I decided to give it a go. 

The swatch looks promising as well, don't you think? To be honest: I was a little disappointed. It came out more brownish than pink on my lips and wasn't really flattering. I do like the finish, because it is creamy and does not dry out your lips. I should have gotten another colour though! The lasting power isn't that great either, it fades rather easily. I don't really mind with a colour like this as it isn't too different from my actual lip colour, but it's worse with darker colours. I remember there was a plum colour in the collection too, so for a shade like that it's not too nice.

I also bought a nail polish because I honestly don't think I can ever have too many nail polishes. They had 4 different shades, 2 reddish ones and 2 other ones. I had some trouble choosing which red shade I wanted to get, but I decided to go for this one! It's in the colour 94 It's A Very Berry Bash. I was wearing this polish when I met up with some friends last week, and one of my friends said this was going to be the Fall it-colour. So if you want to get a new nail polish for Fall, go for this one! 

I always apply a base coat, two coats of the colour and a top coat. I did it with this one as well and it was perfect! As you can tell from the bottle, this nail polish has a new brush. I'm not sure whether all their nail polishes are going to get this new brush, but I liked it! I think it's wider than the one before, which makes it easier to apply! I like when one stroke covers half of my nail, that makes the process a little quicker! I know my ring finger isn't done perfectly but hey, I'm just human too! I'm a fan of both the consistency and the colour of this nail polish. And the price is quite nice as well, it makes my purchase even easier to justify, hah!

I'm a little disappointed that the lipstick shade didn't turn out how I thought it would be, but maybe I can give it to someone who will be happy with it! I'm very happy with the nail polish though, and I'm sure I'll give it a lot of love this Fall!

I got both products at Kruidvat. The lipstick was €4.99 and the nail polish was only €2.99. 

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