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Temperatures are slowly but surely dropping, the sun is hiding more often than not and when I wake up in the morning, it’s still a little dark.. Yup, fall is definitely there! Changes of weather also require changes in running clothes and if it means I have an excuse to buy some new things, I’m definitely not complaining! I was stupid enough to subscribe to the H&M newsletter, because now I always get mails that convince me I really need something else. About two weeks ago, I received a mail with their new running equipment, so naturally I had to take a look. I fell in love with the collection! H&M is obviously putting more effort in their workout clothes because the quality is getting better every season. I spotted some things that are on my wishlist, and since I don’t want to keep this gem from you, I thought I’d share!

These running pants don’t only have a cool print, they have more cool extras too! A pocket in the back is necessary for me, since I always go running with my iPod – and when I run in Namur, with my house keys. I’m not a fan of those arm pouches because they’re always too big for my arms and since I have an old iPod Nano, I can perfectly fit in in the key pockets. These pants also have a cool black mesh in the knee holes, which makes them look really fancy. You'll definitely be noticed in these pants! They are €34.99, which is not cheap for H&M, but I feel like the quality of their clothes is nice in comparison to the price you pay!

We can't deny it anymore: it's getting colder! I took out my scarves and thick vests, but I'm also changing up my running gear. I love running in tops, but that isn't too ideal with colder weather. This  shirt isn't just warm, it's cute too! I also love the coral version of this shirt, and it is nice and light so you don't sweat too much, but don't freeze your butt off either! For only €19.99, this shirt doesn't break the bank either.

This jacket really has it all: light, breathable, reflecting details and an opening for your watch! This jacket also has a high collar, which is perfect when it's cold! I prefer my hair to be up in a pony tail when I run, which can be really chilly when there's a cold wind. I'm also a fan of the fit of this jacket, because it is really feminine and flattering. I have a rain & wind jacket that I like, but it isn't really flattering. This one is both useful & gorgeous! It's €34.99, which I think is a nice price.

I have the top of this sports bra which I absolutely adore, but look at how cute this bra is! It's medium support, which is good enough if you're like me and don't have a big bra size. I already own a nice collection of sports bras, but you can never have enough, right? I like that there are 2 colours in this bra too. And it's only €9.99, so it's a steal!

Last but not least: the essentials! Having proper socks is really important if you don't want to get blisters or wounds. I have several pairs of running socks, but I think it's important to buy new ones from time to time. Running socks have a thicker part for you toes and heels, but if you run often they get worn out pretty quickly. These have fun colours and they're only €7.99 for 2 pairs!

Are you excited about the new collection? I sure as hell am!

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