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Washing your hair is one of those necessities no one really likes. There are some people who are lucky enough to only have to wash their hair once a week, but I’m more someone who needs to wash it every other day or it looks like I poured oil on it. Washing your hair can take up some very valuable time and honestly, we just don’t always have it. Enter: dry shampoo! I’ve been using dry shampoo for a couple of years now, and it really is my life saver on those days that I do not have the time to wash my hair.

Usual dry shampoo is white, and if you’re a brunette like me, it can leave a gray wash on your hair!  Looking like a granny is just as appealing to me as having greasy hair  (aka not at all). I’ve used different brands of dry shampoo over the years, but I always heard a lot of good things about Batiste. While I was in my favourite drug store (where I spend way too much time), I suddenly saw they had a dry shampoo for brunettes & dark haired girls! As you can imagine, I couldn’t not take it with me.

I was very curious as in how this dry shampoo would be different from others. The biggest difference? It’s brown! The fact that it finally matches my hair is amazing, because I never have to worry whether I forgot to brush out a little patch that would now look gray. It’s a very pigmented dry shampoo, so you have to be careful when brushing your fingers through your hair: I’ve had brown spots on my forehead more than once! I usually prefer to use my fingers to spread it through my hair and then work it off with a comb/brush. No weird-coloured wash over my hair anymore.

The Batiste dry shampoos aren’t cheap – they’re more expensive than the drugstore brand – but let me tell you: it’s worth it! They really do what they have to do: applying dry shampoo in the morning will guaranteed give you non-greasy hair until the evening. It has quite a thick texture, which also makes a great base if you want to style your hair. Personally, I never do that – I never do anything more than brushing my hair – but if your hair doesn’t look perfect anymore and you want to do something special, this dry shampoo kills two birds with one stone!

I usually use dry shampoo to push my hair a little and then wash it at night or the next morning. Because of the firm texture, I don’t like going to bed with it, but if you don’t mind: go ahead! I’m completely hooked to this shampoo for brunettes and will definitely not go back to using regular dry shampoo. I love having the certainty of not having people ask me ‘is that gray in your hair?’. So if you have dark hair and are still looking for a good dry shampoo, try this one out!

Batiste is available at Kruidvat and the dry shampoo for brunettes & dark hair is €5.49

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