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Although I'm not as often in Antwerp anymore, I'm still looking for the best places to eat & drink.  I love coffee to keep me awake and since I have a lot of early morning classes in Namur, I was in need of a great coffee spot! In Antwerp, we have an amazing coffee bar near the university (which I should do a post about), but that's not the case in Namur. Every time I walk to the train station, I pass a small, cozy place. When I found out they serve coffee, I had to try it out. And since I'm not a selfish person, I'm sharing my experience!

The full title is Sterling & Cooper Vintage Coffee House. I personally don't think the vintage is so obvious, except for the music they're playing (think Baby it's cold outside and that genre). I do think it looks very cosy and welcoming. The coffee bar isn’t big at all, but there are 3 floors and they definitely maximized their seating! What I love about this is that it’s never too crowded.

When you come in, there’s a cute bar with an ice cream counter and the menu is written on the wall. My detailed picture was too blurry, but you can see it a little in the picture above. They have a list of hot drinks, a list of cold drinks, a variety of ice cream flavours and a whole range of desserts! They also have a small extra blackboard with seasonal drinks! Right now, they had chocolate milk and hot apple tea.

The pictures above give you a good impression of the feeling. Cosy and large leather chairs, brick walls, a cast iron staircase, …

But on to what they serve! Since I prefer my coffee to have a lot of milk, I went with a latte macchiato! Not just a regular one, but a ‘noisette’ one, which means hazelnut. From time to time, I love some syrup in my coffee, even though I know it makes you a fake-coffee drinker (which I totally am). On their counter, they had several cookie jars with different cookies in them. They had regular, smarties, snickers, … But I decided to go for the oreo cookie!

And because I just couldn’t resist: here’s an in depth picture of my cookie ;). I wasn’t sure whether there would also be an oreo filling, but that wasn’t the case. I honestly didn’t mind, because I think an oreo filling would have been too overpowering. The cookie itself was very crunchy, but exactly how a cookie should be! I've also heard some good things about their brownies, so I might have to try those out soon..

I’m definitely a fan, as you can tell! I’ll be spending quite some hours here in the next 6 months.
Sterling & Cooper is located at Place d'Omalius 7, 5000 Namur. 

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