Best gift ever?

As I said before, I’m studying in Namur for a half year, which means I don’t get to see my friends from university that often. Whenever we are together, we always have a lot of fun, so I’m missing them now I’m here! And since I have such amazing friends, they gave me a little gift to take with me so I would always think of them. And because I find it so amazing, I wanted to share it with you all!

First off, I got a box from Lindt with my name on it. Now if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is! Apparently, Lindt has a new product where you can make a personalized gift for someone. Giving me chocolate in a personal box? You found the way to my heart! Besides having my name written all over the box, there was also a small personal message of my friends, who wished me the best of luck in Namur. To be honest, I was absolutely in love with the box itself already. But then I saw the inside: 5 chocolate bars in different flavours! The flavours were: strawberry cheesecake, cookies & cream, crunchy nougat and caramel brownie. And when you take them out, there’s another message of Lindt asking you whether it was good. The link to their site is also in the box, so if I’m ever looking for a fun personal gift for a chocoholic (aka someone like me), it might be this!

But that wasn’t even everything. On top of the chocolate bars was something else. I recognized the size of the pouch – which is extremely cute btw – and my guess was quickly confirmed: polaroid pictures! I’ve been wanting a polaroid camera for years because I love the look of polaroids, but I never get around to purchasing one because A) the pictures are extremely expensive, and B) I think I wouldn’t get enough use out of it. I was at a friend’s kot a couple of weeks ago who had photoshopped her pictures to look like polaroids, and she put them all on her wall! I was also thinking about getting my pictures printed in polaroid format – there are multiple sites doing it right now – but my friends were ahead of me!

They printed pictures of our most memorable moments together, so I could always look at them! Although the pictures all come from Facebook and most of them were taken with a phone, the quality is really nice! The pictures came with some cute, small orange clips so I could hang them on a string. I decided to hang them above my desk. Don’t they look cute? These polaroids come from a site called Polabora! I honestly think this is a perfect idea for a gift and I might use it for gifts for other people too. I’m lucky to have some amazing friends like that, who give me food & decorations for my kot! 

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