5 trips I want to make right now

I just got back from Salamanca and I already want to get away again! The fact that Ryanair sends me emails with promotions for flights - only 9.99! - doesn’t really help either. Since I’m dreaming about several trips (I don't discriminate), I thought I’d share the ones I really want to do right now!

Ski Trip
If there’s one thing I want most, it’s going to the snow. Since I broke my elbow last year, I wasn’t able to go skiing, so I’m planning to make everything of it that I can this year! I’ve been nagging about it all the time last year, so I’m already extremely excited for wherever I’m going. I’m hoping to go twice this year, but I honestly don’t have a preference as to what ski area. I will probably go on a ski trip during my holidays in February, but I also want to do a short ski somewhere in March! 

Backpacking Trip / Roadtrip
Even though summer hasn’t been over for that long, I’m dreaming about next summer already. I’ve been to Spain with my friends for 2 years in a row and we always visited cities. As much as I loved it, I feel like renting a car and travelling the entire country. I’m really curious to explore Croatia, as I've already seen a little part of it and I really liked it. I've been wanting to visit the Greek islands for quite a while too. I'd love to go island-hopping and take ferries in between every island! 

City Trip
I’ve never been to Scandinavia and with the Ryanair deals right now, I really want to go. The only thing that is keeping me from booking a ticket is the fact that it’s so extremely expensive to stay there. I am curious to see Stockholm, but I already heard from several people that it isn’t too special. My parents will be visiting Oslo soon, the lucky bastards! I'd also love to visit Reykjavik, Tallinn or Riga, because I feel like those cities aren't too well-known yet and I've read some great things about them already! 

Dream Trip
I always say that I want to travel the world when I’m graduated. I’m not sure whether that’ll ever be possible as long as I don’t find a tree that has money growing on it, but I’m really drawn to South-America. If there’s only one thing I could visit, I would really want to do the Galapagos Islands. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it and every picture I see makes me want to be there! For quite a while, I wasn't really interested in visiting Asia. I'm still drawn more to America, but I really want to visit both Thailand and Bali. Oh, what I'd do if I would win the lottery... 

Close Trip

I recently realised that I haven't yet visited enough cities in my own country. I visited most big cities in Flanders, but not at all in Wallonia! I love the fact that Belgium is so small, because it means it’s not so difficult to do day trips. The Netherlands are also really close since I live in the north, which makes it perfect for a visit! I want to visit the big cities in Wallonia, but my next trip will be to Rotterdam! It’s only an hour drive, which makes it perfect for a day. I feel like I should hop in the car more often and visit some place I haven’t seen before, because there are quite some awesome things to see close to home as well!

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