As soon as the temperatures get lower, I love bundling up in scarves to keep me warm. Although the weather is playing a game with us (it was 21°C two weeks ago, say what?), I’m completely ready for the cold! I love changing up my scarves from time to time, but I’m currently hooked to the newest trend: blanket scarves!

My mom got me one from ZARA when she was on vacation in Valencia and I’ve been wearing it ever since! I love it because it’s gigantic, so it covers up my entire neck when it’s cold, and I can even wear it as a blanket in the auditorium when I have class. I’ve also used it as a blanket to take a nap on the train multiple times, but shht. Whenever I go shopping, I see so many cute scarves that I’d love to have, but since I obviously can’t own every single one, I decided to just make a list of the ones I like and share it with you!

Liquorish Blanket Scarf - currently on sale for €32.35

Mango Check Scarf - €29.99

Zara Geometric Scarf - €25.95 

Zara Jacquard Scarf - €25.95

What do you think about these scarves?

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