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In the 'Who am I', I say that I'm into healthy things and that I try to incorporate them in my blog. Wellll... What a fail! For some reason, making other things seemed more appealing to post. I must admit, there are some healthy recipes that I have tried that were awful. But there were also unhealthy recipes that turned out to be awful. I promise, I have tried some delicious healthy recipes and I promise I'll try to put those on more often!

Before I started eating healthier, I ate the same thing each morning: 1 slice of toast with Nutella. Pretty boring, huh? Breakfast wasn't really something special for me. I'm not someone who can skip breakfast, because I would just fall on the ground before having done anything. But I wasn't someone who ate a bunch of things either. Right now, I love breakfast. On weekends, it may even be my favourite meal of the day! I love experimenting, although my parents aren't always a fan of that. I make smoothies, healthy pancakes, fruit with yogurt, ... I eat so much breakfast right now! And I never eat toast anymore, it's just too boring.

Over the past year, I have tried several smoothies. Not all of them were a succes (mainly the green ones), but some are so delicious they taste like milkshakes! My all time favourite smoothie is - surprise surprise - banana & apple cinnamon smoothie. This smoothie is so rich and sweet, without adding any sweetener. I know a lot of people prefer completely yellow bananas. But honestly, bananas with brown spots are 1) so much sweeter and 2) much healthier for you! As you can see in the pictures, my banana wasn't spotted yet, but I just couldn't resist making a smoothie.

This is a really easy recipe, with just a few ingredients - and it will fill you up amazingly! I must admit, it doesn't look quite appealing in its glass. The combination of a brownish yellow banana and a red apple makes it look like a yucky smoothie. But honestly - just try it. You can thank me later.

for 1 large smoothie
  • 1 (very) ripe banana
  • 1 medium red apple
  • handful of almonds (about 5)
  • 125 grams (1/2 cup) of yogurt, I used fat-free
  • A little bit of milk to make it less thick (to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (or more, if you're obsessed like me)
Cut both the apple and the banana in pieces. They do not have to be teeny tiny, but cutting them up makes it easier to blend.

Put your almonds in your blender first, so they will crush up. The exact order of which ingredient goes in first is not very important, but I like putting my 'harder' ingredients, like my apple, in first, because it seems like that makes blending easier.

Once everything in, push the button and blend that baby. Once everything is smooth & chopped up, pour your smoothie in a tall glass and enjoy!

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