I found my love

I don't easily fall in love, but sometimes, it's love on first sight. That definitely was the case with London. Didn't see that coming, huh? Still, it's true. If I could choose, I would be in London all the time - my dream is to ever live there. Sadly enough for me, I'd first have to marry a millionaire - or rob a bank. Both are pretty unlikely, so I'll just dream of it instead... Who knows right?

If you wonder why I'm writing this article, it's because I'm just back from London. It wasn't my first time, I had been there twice before. This time was different though: our hotel was situated in South Kensington, a very chique and quiet neighbourhood. It didn't feel at all as if we were in the big, metropolitan city I was used too, but I loved every bit of it.

I originally wanted to do some reviews on cafes or restaurants, but there were so many and I found it quite awkward to take pictures of my food, so reviewing them would be useless. The reason we went to London was my birthday. I turned 18 in March and as a present, we went to London! When we arrived in the hotel, I found a box with some cookies and a very sweet note. How thoughtful!

Our hotel was located very close to Hyde Park, which is why I went jogging there one morning. I must admit, it felt amazing! I felt like a 'real' Londoner and I really enjoyed running around the Serpentine. Whenever we walked through the park, there were a bunch of people doing sports. Whether it was jogging, biking, playing volleyball, ... There was always someone who was doing something. Compared to my usual jogging route at home, it was very busy (that's because I usually only pass about 2 other people).

The people were all extremely kind. Everytime I visit a city, the kindness of people strikes me. Of course, it is because I am a costumer and they want to sell me something, but it seems as if they put more effort in it compared to Antwerp. Yup, you probably can tell: I'm heads over heels in love. If anyone knows someone who is friends with someone that has someone in their family who owns a place in London, please give me their number. I would love you forever.

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