What a month of detox does for your body

Aaaaaand it's over. Last month, I announced I was going to do a detox to see what kind of effect it would have on my body. Sunday was officially the last day of my detox and although I may or may not have quit a little sooner, I did notice some changes! So keep reading if you want to know if I succeeded...

First things first, what did I do? No crazy juice detox or 6 apples a day-detox, just cutting out the crap. No alcohol, no refined sugars and as little processed foods as possible. What I did eat? A lot! I usually eat two pieces a fruit a day, but ate even more to curb my sweet tooth. And I grabbed a handful of nuts when I needed something to snack on.

So, what did I notice? The most significant change to me was my need for sugar. I can eat sweets morning till evening and not being able to eat cookies or chocolate was really hard at first. But after about two weeks, I didn't feel that need anymore. It's really crazy how your body adjusts. You eat sugar? It wants more. But when you don't, your body adjusts and feels perfectly fine as well! Or even better, since you never have that heavy feeling of having eaten too much.

Energy-wise... I'm not sure. As you know, I broke my elbow the first week of my detox and wasn't allowed to work out. Now for someone that needs to work out to get rid of all my energy, that is hard! So there were several nights when I only fell asleep at 2 AM because I was still fully awake.. Or typing a blog at 11.30 PM because there's no way I can sleep, like right now. So it might be that it gave me more energy, but not being able to work out prevented to lose my energy so I can't be 100% sure about that.

I felt really good the entire time, but one must be fair: I cheated a couple of times. I ate a pizza once, stole some fries from a friend and ate 3 cookies because I couldn't resist anymore. But who cares, I cut out the most crap anyway. When I told my mom I ate some fries at dinner with friends, she asked why I didn't eat dessert immediately too. Well, because it's not because you cheat a little that you just have to give up, right? I would have been disappointed myself by doing that! And okay, maybe I didn't do it 30 days either. I stopped the 28th of November, because I had girlsnight with my 2 best friends at a chocolate bar and just.freaking.wanted.chocolate! And it's not that those 2 days would have made the difference.

A lot of people ask me if I have lost weight. I'm pretty sure I haven't, but maybe that was also due to the fact that I couldn't work out. Nevertheless, losing weight was never the reason why I started my detox, so I honestly don't really care. The biggest change for me was seeing that my body doesn't really need all that sugar. I'll love sweets all my life, but now I do realize that part of my sweet tooth isn't just genetics, but my very own fault. And honestly, that surprised me!

So yes, I'm happy I did the detox for a month, although I got a lot of negative comments of people saying it was ridiculous or 'you don't need it'. Well I didn't do it to lose any weight, so please let me choose how I nourish my body. Still love all of you though!

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