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It's time for another Antwerp hotspot! After a friend of mine told me about Tinsel, I was a little too excited to try it out. I mean, a breakfast & lunch spot? Plus it serves both pancakes and oatmeal? They know how to steal my heart. Obviously, they have a lot more options than those two and plenty of savoury things to choose from. I have a gigantic sweet tooth, so I very often have only one savoury meal in the day, being my dinner. No worries if you're not like me though, you'll love Tinsel too. After my exam on wednesday, I finally visited Tinsel.

It is located at het Zuid, an amazing neighbourhood in Antwerp. It is pretty close to Wasbar, a spot I already wrote about! Since the weather was nice, we decided to sit outside. The concept is rather fun: there are note pads and pencils on the table and you have to fill in what you want. You have to take the note pad inside to order! And the best part? Locating where you're seated. The little child in me came up again. 

I'm a latte lover, but I wanted something cold since it was hot outside. They have a variety of regular coffees and teas to choose from, but they also have several iced lattes, iced teas and homemade lemonades! I decided to go for the Soy Love, an iced soy latte with vanilla. It was really nice! I always love how it looks before everything has blended together, don't you think?

As soon as I saw they had pancakes, I had made my choice. I literally had decided within the minute! I'm a big fan of pancakes, even when it's hot, so I just had to try them. I was getting really excited about them, until the waitress came to tell they were out of pancakes. Boo! I decided to go for the oatmeal instead, which was really nice! It's oatmeal with almond milk, roasted pistachios, apricots and honey. This one was a suggestion of the day, so I assume they switch it up quite often. The roasted pistachios were really good! It was a lot as well, I had trouble eating it all. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't finish the bowl. 

My friends had something delicious as well. These are the parmesan eggs! You can't see the parmesan here, but it was hidden under the eggs. And how cute are their plates?

My other friend also had a suggestion of the day: a sandwich with vegan tuna salad, almonds and veggies! She said it didn't taste like tuna salad, although it was yummy! The bread looks really delicious as well.

The suggestions of the day. I love that they offer so many different things, although it makes choosing even harder. They had breakfast menus as well, which looked pretty delicious! 

As I said, we sat outside, but this was their inside nook! How cozy does that look? I can imagine myself sitting here with a book, finally devouring their pancakes. I will not rest before I tried those pancakes!

I was really full after my oatmeal, but my eyes couldn't resist the desserts. I decided to take this cheesecake-brownie home! I still wasn't really hungry and it was a BIG portion, but of course I ate all of it. It was really nice! The brownie was very moist, which made it even more delicious but also pretty heavy. 

If you couldn't guess: I'm hooked. I know I'll be here again in the next couple of weeks to try out their pancakes, but I'd love to come here every single day. It's probably safer for my cash flow that that is not the case!

Tinsel is located at Vlaamse Kaai 40, 2000 Antwerpen. 

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