If you have been following my blog the last couple of months, you probably know I broke my elbow. And if I do something, I do it properly. I broke my elbow in 3 different places and had to have surgery! I now have a ton of titanium in my arm and with that came a gorgeous scar. Apparently some people create scar tissue faster than others and I'm very good at forming scar tissue! When I show my scar to people, they always look a little frightened. A lot of people told me to try Bio-Oil because it is amazing to heal scars, so I did!

The Bio-Oil has an oil base (duh) and is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins. It also contains PurCellin Oil, their 'secret' ingredient. I have no idea what the real consistency of the oil is, but the ingredient list can be found online! This oil is supposed to work with scars, stretch marks, aged skin, ultra dry skin and an uneven tint.

If there's one thing I know: this oil works! I had surgery in November and for months I applied the Nivea cream (the one in the blue tin). Although I love the Nivea cream for my ultra dry legs, I didn't notice any improvement in my scar. A couple of weeks ago, my mom told me she bought a bottle of Bio-Oil, so I decided to give that a go!

To be honest: I saw SO much improvement over those weeks! My scar thinned out a lot and became a lot more even in most places. I honestly think that it would look a lot better by now if I would have used Bio-Oil from the start. I don't know what the results are when you use this oil on stretch marks or very dry skin but I do know it works wonders on scars! I was very skeptical at first because most secret ingredients are ridiculous, but this is honestly amazing. I know I'll be using it after my next surgery!

Bio-Oil is for sale at Kruidvat and apothecaries. Prices vary according to size. 

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  1. Interessant! Komende jaren zal er revolutionaire opkomst zijn van bio-producten (hoop ik)! Als de mensen er eindelijk in gaan geloven en het Belgische conservatief denken aan de kant gaat geschoven worden ... #probiotica ipv antitibiotica