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I shared some tips to start running a while ago, and one of them was to try out running with some music. I love working out, but I need some up tempo beats to keep me going! When I go running, I always take my iPod because it's small and convenient to take, but I often use Spotify to listen to music while working out at home . I first listened to several different playlists while working out, but there were always songs I would skip every single time. I made my own playlist and thought it would be fun to share!

I called my playlist 'I don't sweat, I sparkle' because duh. Obvious reasons! Most of the songs on there are rather recent and they're songs I'm currently listening to. Let me just tell you: I’m a 1D fan. Yup, it’s out! I’m not such a big fan that I would go to their concerts, but I really like their songs. Their new one, Drag Me Down, is perfect to get sweaty to!

My ultimate guilty pleasure is Enrique Iglesias' music! He was my secret crush when I was younger and I'm still really liking his music! I didn't like El Perdón at first, but quite often, music has to grow on me. I hate it the first time, I'm still not really a fan the second time and I'm absolutely in love by the third time I listen to it. That pretty much sums up how I feel about this song!

I know most songs in this list are in the Top 50-hitlist, but I do feel those are most often the songs I really like because they have a nice beat that keeps you going! This list has some 'slower' songs too, and I tend to listen to those at the beginning,  when I'm not tired yet and not yet in need of a nice beat to keep me going! I hope some of you like this playlist as well, because sharing is caring, right? Oh, and what are your favourite songs to listen to?


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