Une nouvelle aventure

A title in French? Very much yes! Now if you're wondering why on earth I'm writing a title in French, don't be worried. It's just for this one time. But why in French? Well, because I'm studying in Namur for the first semester of the academic year! That is also the reason why the hell I haven't been posting anything in over two weeks. Life has been extremely hectic, that's what I can say.

I will only be studying in Namur for the first semester, so until the end of January. It's part of an Erasmus program, so I'm both experiencing my first Erasmus & my first time of living on my own! Namur is a city in the southern part of Belgium, which means I'm not going too far yet. It's the capital of Wallonia, one of the three parts of Belgium. Why Namur? Well, for 2 reasons. A, because I want to improve my French and living in a French city will certainly help me to do so! And B, because it was the only option I had. As you can imagine, reason B is most relevant.

This exchange is part of Erasmus Belgica, which is part of the Erasmus system, but only within Belgium. Even before I knew of its existence, I knew I wanted to improve my French, so my first thought was to go to France on Erasmus. The cool part is that I can still go on an international Erasmus! I'm not done with studying abroad so far, because my first two weeks here have been amazing. The culture is rather different from up north (and it's only a one hour-drive by car!) but I'm loving every aspect of it. People are a lot more sincere, which is amazing when you are new.

I'm enjoying my time here so far and I promise to be posting more often from now on!

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