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Is this post a surprise? If you scroll through my posts, I'm afraid it isn't. But honestly, I can't help it. So when I was looking at the bars at our local wholefood market, a great idea popped in my head. What if I just take both? And then an ever better idea popped up. What if I compare them to each other and write a post about it? There must be someone who loves apple and cinnamon as much as I do. And if not, I have at least eaten those bars.

And so was decided that I should pick up two bars. Both of them are completely natural and made without additives. Raw-bite is a Danish brand, Justnuts is -hooray- a Belgian brand. There are some differences noticeable from the start. The Raw-Bite bar is 50 grams, whereas the Justnuts bar is only 35 grams. For me, this means that the Justnuts bar is perfect when you feel a little hungry, but the Raw-Bite one is more for if you are quite hungry and still have to wait a long time before a proper meal. The Raw-Bite packaging also is very sleek, whereas the Justnuts packaging is rather funny. And based on colour: the Raw-Bite is a very deep reddish bar, the Justnuts bar leans more to the brownish side. Now more into detail:

According to the packaging (and the site), the Raw-Bite bar is made out of dates, almonds, apples, raisins, cinnamon & vanilla. Nothing more. It made me quite suspicious, but when I checked the bar, it seemed to be true. They even give quite exact percentages. On the taste: this bar tastes as if a red, extremely sweet, extremely juicy, amazing apple and some freshly ground, delicious cinnamon are having a party in my mouth. Yup. Quite overpowering. For me, this meant instant love, but I can think that people who are not so crazy as I am, might think these are slightly too much. I did enjoy every bite, as they say on the packaging, very intensily.

The Justnuts bar does contain some more ingredients, but again, they also are all natural. They use dates, spelt flakes, raisins , almonds, apple, apple juice, water, cinnamon & sunflower oil. And they even put in the exact percentages, so if you would be crazy and calculate how much it would be, you could make them yourself. And although I tend to be crazy like that, I prefer buying them. The taste of this bar is not as intense as the Raw-Bite one. In my belief, this is a better bar for more people. I must say: I really liked this one. Maybe it's because I tried the other one first, but this one just didn't explode as much. But still, that's okay, because I think more people will like this one.

Oh and last but not least: The Raw-Bite bar costs around 1.95 euros and has 198 calories, as opposed to the Justnuts bar that costs 1.25 euros and has 113 calories. But think about it, the Raw-Bite one is 15 grams bigger!

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