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As far as I know, MAC is the number one brand when it comes to professional make up. That is at least what I think of whenever I pass a store. As I said before, the stores and make up artists are intimidating to me, which probably is why I think of it as being amazing. I do love MAC and apparently, I subscribed to their emails some months ago.

That is how I first got to know their MAC Technique classes. My workshop was in the MAC Pro Store in Antwerp. When we arrived, we were taken to a room above the store, where tables with mirrors, brushes and tools were waiting for us. As soon as we sat down, we were offered a glass of cava and there were bowls with crisps and chocolates. So far so good!

Althouh they have different classes, this is the main thing: the artist creates a look on one of the girls and you try to recreate it with products they pick specifically for you. There were ten of us and there were 3 make up artists to help us pick products. The one asks you what you like, the other one just gives you whatever she thinks suits you, which is what mine did. And to be honest, she was tha bomb.

While she was creating the look, she also explained each and every step. How you should apply foundation, where you should put highlighter and things like that. Not rocket science, but extremely interesting to finally learn properly. I must admit, I'm not a full-face person. I only use eye products and concealer. Oh, and lipbalm, if that counts. Still, I'm happy to know what I know now.

We also received a book, in which we could write down everything, as well as the names of the products we wanted to purchase later on. In that booklet, there are also some face charts, with products and tips. Of course, that's no use when you don't have those products, but luckily,  looking for dupes isn't so hard with my friend Google on my side.

All of this doesn't come for free. We had to pay 50 euros for everything we got, and what made it completely worth it: we could spend those euros in the store after the workshop. For MAC products, that isn't an extreme lot, but it's something I wouldn't normally spend.

I must say: I really learned a lot. I'm not saying that I'm an expert now, not at all, but at least I know where all of those products really belong. And the fact that you can purchase products 'for free' afterwards, really makes it worth the money. So yup, go do that.

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