Frozen Yogurt

About two years ago, I first got to know frozen yogurt. A healthier version of ice cream, topped with all kind of delicious toppings? Gimme! Sadly enough, I had to wait to try one until last autumn. I was on vacation in Holland - in Maastricht - and of course, I had been searching already whether they had a place that sold frozen yogurt. And they did! I was looking forward to trying it out the entire week and Oh my.. When I tried it I was sold immediately!

It is definitely not as sweet as regular ice cream, but I love that. I know that in the US, there often exist a billion of different flavours you can choose from, but they only had one. Fine for me! I chose warm apples and brownies as a topping (yup, I still remember) and just fell in love... After that first try, I was going crazy the next couple of months because I wanted to eat another one. And by the time the first frozen yogurt place opened up in Antwerp, I was nearly dreaming of frozen yogurt.

I have also been obsessed with ice cream makers for the last couple of months and whenever I saw one that was in promotion, I would always say 'Look mom, an ice cream maker!'. Of course, my mom thought it was a useless thing and said I could just buy it myself. Well.. I obviously didn't. When I returned from vacation two weeks ago, I was quite surprised to see a huge box in wrapping paper on my desk. Until I opened it. In it was an ice cream maker!

My love for frozen yogurt + my obsession for ice cream makers just had to result into this: homemade frozen yogurt. It did take me a while to make this. As soon as I came back from vacation, I put the bowl in the freezer so it would be ready when I wanted to make the ice cream. There was only one thing I hadn't thought off: I was going to leave the next day on vacation again and would stay away for two weeks. So that is why the bowl was in our freezer for a full two weeks, until I finally decided it was time to try it out.

I'm afraid that I turned it off too soon, because mine did cristallize. That is not a complete disaster, but it took a looooong time for the ice to defreeze enough so I could scoop it in a bowl and as you can see, it doesn't really look like a scoop. But if you just follow the instructions of your ice cream maker - and really listen- everything should turn out okay. And I'm sorry if there are going to be a lot of ice cream recipes. Oh, by the way, I topped mine with delicious cherries, if you haven't noticed yet.

for 4 - 6 servings
  • 16 ounces (450 grams) of fat-free greek yogurt
  • 4 tablespoons of honey (or other sweetener of choice)
In a large bowl, combine the yogurt and honey until they are perfectly mixed. I'm not such a fan of the taste of honey, so next time, I am definitely going to try another sweetener. I used a little bit of agave too and that doesn't have a very profound smell, which I like.

Once this is mixed, put it in your ice cream machine according to the instructions of the machine. Choose your favourite topping & enjoy!

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