Botanical Choice - Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches

While I was on vacation, my niece and I decided to visit a nearby city because, well - just because girls have to shop from time to time. The city had many beauty stores, but not regular beauty stores: they all carried professional hair products. Here in Belgium, those are only for sale in hair salons. But over there apparently not! So since my niece loves professional hair products, we visited nearly all of those shops. But of course, those were not the only products they had. So while I was looking around, I bumped into these jelly pads. Or, as they are officially called, Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches (with Ginkgo). Let's keep it to jelly pads. I had never tried anything like it and since they weren't very pricy - 1.50 for 4! - I decided to just buy them.

before: up is with make up, under is without

I recently started a new job and very often, I have to start at 7 AM. For me, that means I have to wake up at 10 to 6. So yup, when I come home in the afternoon, all I do is sit in the sofa and waste my time on the internet. But, apart from that, it also makes me look tired and for my under-eyes, that is not a blessing. So let's try those pads out!

Since I had never tried these before, it was a little weird to apply them. My first thought was to put them on, starting at the inner corner of my eye and then further outward. Well, that meant that half of my face was covered. So I adjusted them a little bit, and put the inner corner on my nose bridge, ensuring that the inner corner of my eye - the most sensitive part - was covered completely. Now, I may have put them a little too high, since they felt a little weird in the beginning. Each time I looked down, I felt the strips struggling with my skin. On the other hand, that may just be normal.

during: they felt weird!

You're supposed to leave them on for 30 minutes, but you could also sleep with them. The packaging says 'Possible to apply patches overnight while you sleep for 6 hours'. I must say, if I can choose, I sleep quite some longer than 6 hours, but it would be perfect for when you have to wake up really early.
after: they look less 'blue'

The good thing about these patches? They are really hydrating. As soon as I put them on, I felt how my eyes were loving that. They did get dryer after 20 minutes. As much as I had noticed the hydration before, I felt it was decreasing. I was quite disappointed with that, but well.

When I took them off, I didn't really notice a huge difference compared to how my under-eyes looked. But when I applied my eye cream the day after, I did notice they were quite some softer than before. Still, I did not see a big difference compared to before, but maybe that is just because it is the first time. I will try it again some time soon and I'll see then!

Botanical Choice - Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches "Ginkgo" (from Purederm), € 1.49, bought in Sluis (The Netherlands).

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