Botanical Choice - Nose pore strips "Aloe"

When I was younger (aka in puberty), I used to have a lot of acne. How great for the self-confidence of a 14-year old girl. But with the help of a heavenly dermatologist, that is mostly solved. I know it sounds silly, but it still is the thing I am the most happy about when I think back of my puberty. Anyway, I am now lucky not to have a lot of acne anymore, but I do have a lot of blackheads, both on my nose and my chin. So when I saw these when I was on holiday and they were quite cheap too (1.29 euros for three!), I decided to give them a try.

I personally think these are quite funny, with the smiling girl on the packaging. But more about the strips: they come individually packed (just like the eye patches) and everything is explained on the back. Not that using them is rocket science, but for people who try them out the first time this is nice! It looks exactly like any other nose strip, which I had expected anyway.

The thing I always hate about them is that they also stick on your under-eyes,which in my case is a very sensitive area. But okay. They also didn't feel very different from other ones I have tried, which means that they harden, but around your nose that isn't really a problem. Unless you wiggle your nose a lot of course.

The hard part was when I had to take them off. For best results, you should always pull them inwards, so starting at the edges of both sides and then pulling inwards towards the bridge of your nose. Pulling these off of my under-eye area HURT. It really was the most difficult strip ever to get of off that sensitive area, simply because it hurt so much. I even started crying. Crazy huh? Luckily, after that, my pain got rewarded. A whole lot of gunk came out! Maybe it's dirty and it's only me, but I always like to see how much it got out. And this time, it really got out a lot. That was exactly what I needed after that painful experience.

After all, I really liked these and will happily use the two remaining ones. Yes, even if it means as much pain to remove them. I'll even buy them again if I see them. Because you know what they say: you have to suffer to be beautiful!

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