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It's time for another haul! While I was in London this summer, I picked up the MUA Undress Me Too palette, a much raved dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. And man do I love it! It was only 4 pounds and the quality and pigmentation surprise me each time I use it. So when I bumped into their site a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't resist the budgetproof makeup!

Makeup Academy is a British brand and as far as I know, it's not available in Europe. I don't know anything about other continents, but I don't think it is widely available. It is a very budgetproof brand: for all of my makeup I paid 15 euros. Combined with shipping, it came to 20! Not bad for 7 products, I think. Here is what I got:

Fashionista - Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliner in Style Queen and Dress Up Chic
It was really hard to choose only 2 colours - I liked them all! But I forced myself to stay realistic and order two shades that I would most possibly use. In my case, that is always gold. I love wearing gold and it is my go to-look! The other colour I chose is a pinkish purple and I like using it is a base, since it is really beautiful!

Matte Lipstick in Peachy Keen
I do not wear lipstick very often, but I like to put it on on special occasions. This peachy colour is beautiful and I really love the matte effect. I still need to buy a lip liner, since my lips are too dark to apply this lipstick on its own, but I already know I will really love it.

Nail Polish in Koala Bear
The fact that this polish was only 1 pound really sold me. Again, there were a bunch of beautiful colours, but since I have a respectable nail polish collection already, I forced myself to only choose one. I don't know why, but I love grey nail polish in autumn & winter. It's like chocolate brown. I just think those two colours are so beautiful in chilly weather! Anyway.. I tried this polish on my pinky and I must say: the quality isn't great. I needed at least 4 coats to make it completely opaque, which means you have to wait a looong time for it to dry. Nope, I don't like that. It's still a cute colour though!

Trio Eyeshadow in Emotions and Pink Sorbet
Ever since I started putting on makeup, I loved the Bourjois trio's. Not that I have ever bought them, but I often wanted to. So when I saw these babies a lot cheaper, I decided to just do it! I must say, the pigment in these sucks if you apply them dry. However, if you wet your brush, the colour becomes very pretty! I tried the Pink Sorbet trio over the Style Queen Gel Eyeliner last week and was very disappointed at first - until I wet my brush. I really liked the result!

eXtreme Curl Mascara
Honestly? I just bought this mascara because it was cheap (just 3 pounds) and the tube looked cool! I haven't opened it yet, because I feel it is just too stupid to have 2 mascaras open at the same time, but I will let you know what I think about it as soon as I open it!

Overall, I really like the products. If you see that I only paid 20 euros (with packaging) for everything, I think I did a great deal! And if you want to buy only one thing, definitely try the Undress Me or the Undress Me Too palette! Unless you have both the Naked palettes ofcourse...

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