Favourite Fall Nail Polishes

If there is something that really finishes your look, it is nailpolish. I have built up a respectable collection over the last few years, but sadly enough I could not wear nail polish throughout the week because my school didn't allow me. Needless to say, I've gone crazy now I can finally wear anything I want.

Now the weather is getting colder and darker, I almost unconsciously start to wear darker colours. I have a love for some specific shades, and I thought I'd share them with you!

Dark Brown - Catrice 'Wood you follow me?'
Brown is a very warm colour and it always reminds me of coffee or hot chocolate. The colour I have has a very small amount of sparkle in it, which I like. I must admit, I prefer a creamy finish, since that looks even more 'fallish'.

Grey - Catrice 'London's Weather Forecast'
I really love the name of this nail polish. They could have also named it 'Belgium's Weather Forecast', since it has been raining the past week and it won't stop very soon. It's a cooler colour, which also makes it suitable for winter. I really like switching it up with my warmer colours in fall. And the best thing? Grey pretty much suits anything.

Rust - H&M 'Rust'
Love on first sight. I didn't even have to think whether I wanted this nail polish. This colour just breathes fall. That beautiful deep orangy colour makes me think of an afternoon walk in the forest. Not that I do that very often, nor do I really like it, but I love the thought.

Hunter Green - Sephora 'Military Jacket'
I don't know why, but everytime I see a hunter green nail polish, I want to buy it. Until I remember I actually already own one. And still.. I have to do my outmost best not to give in! This reminds me of fall coats - more precisely, parkas. Does this even need an explanation? It is gorgeous.

Dark Purple - Miss Sporty '313'
And last but definitely not least: dark purple. Mine is also shimmery, but I really love that for this colour. It is such a warm colour, but still dark.. That really makes it perfect for fall! I must admit: I am not exactly sure that the name of the colour is '313'. There are several numbers on the bottle - but no name and when I try to look it up online, they all of a sudden have names!

I am afraid that most of the colours I showed are not available anymore, but they were more meant as a visualization rather than as recommendation! I really hope you liked this and maybe even got some inspiration out of it.

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