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Raise your hand if you've got an obsession with Pinterest or We Heart It. Check! I can browse through both sites for hours, just gawking at all the beautiful pictures. I'm particularly obsessed with home pictures. Even though I only have my own bedroom, I'm already dreaming of an office. And let me just tell you: there are some beautiful offices put on photo that I want to share with you.

I fell in love with the Liatorp desk from Ikea last summer, and I cannot wait to buy it! I have a rather old desk that used to belong to my dad, but I feel like that one would really change my room. So I'm still looking for a good reason to buy it. But until then, I'll just look at these beautiful pictures. Enjoy!

I love this wall! My desk is in front of my window, but I would love to have a big wall with all sorts of inspirational quotes on it.

This looks too cute. As you can tell, I really like white desks! They are very neutral and give the perfect opportunity to add some flowers or other nice coloured things.

This one is very black and white, but I love how clean it looks. I would not necessarily put out my maps like that, but I like the way they styled it.

This is one of my favourites. Look at how beautiful that desk is! I really like the mirrored effect. How chic does that look?

Although this desk is rather small, they decorated it very nicely! I like flowers on a desk, I've got some fake flowers myself. I really love the look of a white desk with some pop of colour from accessories.

How does your dream office look? And do you like these 'roomspiration' posts or not really? Let me know!

Source for all images: We Heart It

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