REVIEW | Essence match 2 cover! Concealer

If I would ever have to throw out all of my make up, there would be 2 things I would hide. There is no way that I could ever live without mascara or concealer. Mascara makes me look instantly fabulous. Definitely in combination with an eyelesh curler, oh boy! And does concealer really need any explanation? It is my everyday saviour for under eye circles and acne spots. I like to try out different concealers, so here is a very budgetproof one.

It's a small container with 2 cream concealers, a lighter one and a darker one. As you can tell from the name, the purpose is to combine it in a way that makes it perfect for you. And that way, one box can be perfect for anyone. The thing I like most about it, is that it fits me in summer and in winter. I feel that I change up the colour combination as my skin gets paler, so it's nice that I don't have to use another concealer.

The concealer itself is really creamy and it covers up quite nicely. You can easily build it up for some more coverage. I usually use this one for my imperfections and another one for under my eyes, that is specifically the perfect colour to go there. But when you are travelling, you often don't have space to take a billion of different concealers with you and that is where this one comes in handy. Since it has 2 different colours that can be combined in different ways, you can use it anywhere. My under eyes are a little more blue and lighter than the rest of my face, but that is no problem with this concealer.

While I was on scouting camp, I hooked my best friend onto this concealer too. One day, she asked: 'Can I use it too? I look so tired.' And after it, she fell in love. And we have a different skin undertone, so that is the cool thing about this. And for the price, it would just be ridiculous not to give it a try: it's €2,49.

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