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After months of thinking about it, the very first 'episode' is finally here! I love coffee bars and cool lunch spots and I am lucky enough to live in an amazing city with plenty of fun places to try out. I always felt a little too awkward to take out my camera and take some pictures for a blog post but I finally had the guts this time! So, without further ado: the Wasbar in Antwerp.

This amazing spot is located at Antwerpen Zuid, an amazing neighbourhood with a lot of nice cafes and restaurants! The thing is: it's not just a cafe/lunch spot, it's an actual laundry bar! As you can tell from the video above, there are about 15 - 20 laundry machines and the nice thing? They all have a name! Most are typical old school Flemish names, which makes it even more fun.

I went there with a friend after our exam and we were lucky - after days of rain and cold weather, the sun was out! We decided to sit on the terrace, although the seats in the sun were already taken. Our patience was rewarded though, 'cause the sun came around the corner after an half hour or so. These amazing yellow chairs are on their terrace and honestly, they're lovely. We didn't want to come out!

We started off with this amazing ice coffee! The cool thing about all their coffees is that you can choose whether you want them with full fat, low fat or soy milk! We both ordered the ice coffee with low fat milk but the whipped cream definitely made up for that. It is definitely something for coffee lovers, because unlike most ice coffees that have more milk, this had a very profound coffee taste. I must admit I'm more a fan of the milky ice coffees but it was good nonetheless! It had some speculoos crumble on top and we got two coconut macaroons with it.

Of course we had something to eat too. Their lunch menu isn't super big so if you are picky, this might not be your thing. They had soup, but it was just too hot outside. There are around 6 sandwices on their menu, but the vegetarian ones were either brie or goat cheese and both aren't my cup of tea. But no worries, 'cause I ordered the beauty above. Waffles! They have a variety of toppings you can choose from, as you can tell below. It's a build your own waffle concept, really fun! I went with Maltesers, M&Ms, dark chocolate sauce and small meringues.

My friend decided to go for the salmon sandwich and got this cute plate! She had to 'build' it too, but that was part of the fun. It came with salmon (of course), guacamole, dressing and some salad. She said it was really good!

The bar. Isn't this cute? I really want to come here more often!

The Wasbar is located at Graaf van Egmontstraat 5, 2000 Antwerpen.

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