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I am not really a foundation girl, because I don't like the feeling of that much makeup on my face. On most days, I don't really need it either and I'm fine with some good concealer (I'm talking undereye circles). There are days that I do need something more though and luckily, beauty brands have a solution for that: BB & CC Creams. After reading a very positive review, I decided to go for the Essence CC Cream!

CC stands for Colour Correcting. What does that mean? It has pretty much the same qualities as a BB Cream, but it also corrects your skin tone. This one has a 'skin' tone, which means it is meant to brighten up your skin. To be honest, I don't really see a difference between most drugstore CC and BB Creams. But that doesn't mean it isn't nice!

The CC Cream only comes in one shade, which is 01 Natural. Although this colour is good for me, I do not really understand why they didn't make darker shades. This shade is perfect for me when I am a little whiter, so usually winter and end of fall/beginning of spring. I've worn it this summer too and although it isn't an exact match, it is close enough to look good (and so no one makes remarks). I am not super pale in winter, but there are definitely a lot of people who are darker than me. I'm afraid this won't work for medium to dark skin types (I'm light/medium).

As for the coverage? I love it! I hate foundations that cover everything and leaving you with a 'mask' on your face. I don't like to feel as if I have something on my face. I do need to use concealer, but this CC cream covers my imperfections without covering my freckles. It makes me look a little more flawless and on some days, I can definitely use that! It gives me the coverage I need without feeling heavy. I'm really impressed!

The CC Cream is for sale for €3.99 and contains 30 ml. You can get it at Kruidvat!

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