Hello Autumn

Although it finally starts feeling like summer after a month of cold temperatures and rain, beauty brands come out with their fall collection already. On september first, Essence came out with theirs, called 'Hello Autumn'. I picked up two items and I'd like to show them today!

A girl without nail polish is like a girl without clothes, right?. It's chic & adds that final touch to your look. So of course, I had to pick up a nail polish! I loved all of the colours, but decided to go for this dark red one, because I thought it was perfect for late summer and early fall. It's called Beauti-fall Red, which is a really cute name if you ask me. As you can tell from the bottle, the polish has a thermo effect, which means the colour changes when the temperature changes. How cool is that?

It's a lovely light red when the sun is shining and turns slightly darker into a beautiful deep red when it cools down a little. I love it! 2 coats is enough for full coverage. I applied both base coat and top coat and the polish started to chip after 3 - 4 days. I'll wear this often this fall! Honestly, I didn't think the entire 'thermo effect' would actually work but it does! It's really cool and I like both the light and the dark shade.

I also got a beautiful eyeshadow palette. There were two different ones, one with neutral colours and one with some more greens. I immediately grabbed the neutral palette but realised I have quite some neutral colours already. I'll have to play around with the green colours to feel comfortable wearing it, but the palette was too pretty not to take. It's called keep calm & go for a walk and has 6 beautiful shades. They're all sparkling and there's enough to create a subtle day look and a sultry night look! The darkest colour is somewhere between brown and black with gorgeous golden sparkles.

The pigmentation really disappointed me when I was doing swatches. Although the palette is really inexpensive, I was already a little sad because, well, I could have bought something better with that money! But I decided I really had to try an eye look before making my final judgement. And although I'm used to the fact that Essence never really has the best pigmentation, I was surprised! It took me a billion swipes to get good swatches but the pigmentation on my eye was gooooooood. Like legit, high quality pigmentation. What a surprise! The black is really intense too, so I think this palette will come in handy for a party look. Def no waste of money here!

The Hello Autumn collection is for sale at Kruidvat. The nailpolish was € 1,99 and the palette was only € 3,89!

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