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Although summer is almost over, one summery thing that never gets boring is ice cream! There's nothing wrong with a yummy ice cream from time to time, but the cream and the sugar don't make it really healthy. Today is your lucky day though, because I would like to introduce: easy peasy banana ice cream!

Nana ice cream, banana soft serve, ... This delicious dessert has many names! It doesn't matter how you like to call it, because it will be delicious nonetheless.  Besides being yummy, it's also very easy to make. It contains one ingredient. Pretty amazing huh? And guess what.. Yup, it's a banana! I love bananas, they're so versatile. I love to put one in my oatmeal or use some ripe ones for banana bread or even a healthy milkshake! Bananas are definitely a staple in our kitchen.

It isn't 'real' ice cream of course, but their texture makes it very creamy. You need very ripe bananas for this recipe and the riper the banana, the sweeter. So that isn't a problem either! The ice cream may look a little brownish, but that's just the ripe banana. I like to crush up my banana and refreeze for an hour or so, to make real scoops. If you like it creamier, feel free to eat immediately.

for approximately 1 - 2 portions
  • 2 very ripe bananas
  • optional: extra ingredients, such as cocoa powder, peanut butter, raspberries, ...
Cut the bananas in thin slices and freeze at least overnight. We pretty much always have a cut up banana in our freezer, ready to use.

Make sure your blender has an ice crush option and crush the bananas. It will get flakey at first, but after a while it will get nice and creamy. This is the moment to add in other ingredients you would like. If you use cocoa powder, I would recommend some kind of sweetener, since it is rather bitter.

Freeze again for an hour or so, until firm. Make some scoops and enjoy!

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