Het enige echte kleurboek voor volwassenen

Ever since I was little, I've loved coulouring and drawing. I didn't have any talent for drawing though, so I quickly gave that up. I must admit that even now, I still love colouring at age 19. Apart from some doodles, I never really use my pencils anymore. Until I found out about 'het enige echte kleurboek voor volwassenen'. Want!

I ordered my book online, but you can find it at any bookstore for €9.95. It has 144 pages, which means plenty of drawings to choose from. And if you are so obsessed that you finished every drawing, there is a travel edition and a second & third regular edition. Quite enough, huh?

There are plenty of drawings to choose from and they're all different, which is nice! I love to sit down in front of the tv with my book and my pencils and draw for the next few hours. My parents think I'm crazy for still liking to colour, but I just heard from a friend that her mom bought one too. Hah!

To me, it's a perfect way to wrap up the day and to step away from a hectic life. I love the detailed drawings, because they look so pretty when they're finished! Although I know I won't have time to colour each night, I'm really happy with my book. It makes me feel like I'm five again!

"Het enige echte kleurboek voor volwassenen" is on sale in bookstores and online, usually for €9.95. I bought mine on www.eci.be

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