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Now my exams have started, my entire day revolves around eating. If someone would ask me what I love to eat most, it would be either dessert or breakfast. And if you do it right, you can eat dessert for breakfast or vice versa. Yasss, I have my life together. Can you tell I take my food seriously? Recently, I've been loving breakfast parties as a celebration. Instead of going out for dinner for your birthday, I prefer going out for breakfast! Honestly? Breakfast is life. I usually eat oatmeal in the morning and sometimes I go crazy and make pancakes. But when I don't really have time in the morning, I prefer muesli and yogurt! Some think it gets boring after a while, but I love switching up my muesli. I have several muesli recipes up on my blog, but today I want to talk about the Dorset Cereals muesli pack!

My mom knows how much I love my muesli and she bought this pack for me. What I like is that there's a big variety in here. There are 6 boxes and 5 flavours. Most of the mueslis contain raisins, but there's also one without - perfect for those who aren't a fan of them. I am a big fan of crunchy muesli, so I love it's in there too! Let's take a better look:

Simply fruity muesli
There are 2 boxes of this muesli in here. Next to the standard muesli base, it contains pineapple, papaya and sultanas! There are little chunks of dried pineapple and papaya in here. This muesli is perfect for summer, as it is sweet but still fresh! I'm honestly not the biggest fan of dried fruit in my muesli, but this combination is nice!

Luscious berries & cherries muesli
You had me at cherry! I'm a huge fan of cherries (why is cherry season so short??), so I was very excited for this muesli. Next to cherries, there are raspberries, blackcurrants and -of course- raisins in here. I was quite surprised the cherries looked a little like raisins! All the fruit is freeze dried, so they are nice and chewy. I prefer this combination over the tropical fruit muesli, but everyone has different preferences! I might not be completely unbiased here.

Simply delicious muesli
This is their standard muesli with raisins, nuts and sunflower seeds. A nice mix! In my opinion, you can't do anything wrong with raisins and nuts. Not the most exciting mix either but hey, as long as it tastes good I'm happy!

Tasty toasted
I was most excited for this muesli. I LOVE crunchy food and that definitely applies to breakfast too. This mix had pineapple, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds in it. Not an ordinary combination, but the flavours work together really well! And man, that crunch. It makes everything ten times better.

Simply nutty muesli
I kinda laughed when I saw the box, because it said 'almonds, brazils & no raisins!'. Apparently some people are not a fan of muesli with raisins. I personally like raisins in my muesli, because they make it more chewy. I like the fact that muesli has different textures. But hey, there are nuts in here, so I'm not complaining! I must say: there was exactly one brazil nut and two almonds in my packet. Okay, these packets aren't big, but that's not really generous if I may say so.

If you like muesli for breakfast, but want some variation, this box is perfect for you! The 'simply ..' mueslis were more basic, but it's nice they made everything a little different. Dorset Cereals is an amazing brand (oh my god their chocolate granola) and they did not disappoint this time either! And to be honest: I'm a sucker for packaging, so that's extra brownie points for Dorset. I would legit buy this pack just because it looks cute. How convenient for me that they're also yummy!

My mom found this in the Carrefour of Burcht, so I assume they will be available at Carrefour supermarkets! 

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