Nail Caviar

When you look at a nail polish stand, texture is everywhere: glitters, sand effect, fur, ... You name it, they have it. When I was standing in front of the Essence display, my eye fell on a little, colourful jar: nail caviar!

I had never tried any effects, but you have 2 categories: the nailpolishes, which have glitters, sand, a metallic effect, ... and the actual 3D effects that are on your nail such as fur or these pearls. Essence has named its caviar 3D pearls, but it really is the same thing. There were several colour combinations available, but I chose the multicoloured one, named 'Candy Buffet'. I really liked the other colours too, but since there are so many different colours in this, you can wear it with pretty much anything.

The pearls come in a small jar, with both a cap and a lid on it which is very nice. According to the packaging, there are 2 ways to put on the pearls: sprinkle the pearls over your wet nail or pour some pearls in the cap and dip your wet nail in it. I decided to sprinkle them over, since I though that would be easier. It definitely is not hard, just know that they will roll everywhere.

The packaging does tell you to first apply a thing layer of top coat on the nail tips for better lasting, but of course I didn't do that. Result: the pearls on my tip were gone within 10 minutes, since your tips have the most contact with other things. The lasting is not great, some of them fell of throughout the day. The weird thing is that it seems that they are silver balls with a coloured coating on it. When they fall off, for whatever reason, the coat stays onto your nails, which results into silver nails.

When I went boxing later that day, I thought that they would all fall off. Well, not all of them did... But I wish they had. Most of them are gone, but the ones that are left lost their shine, so they now look dirty. When I tried it on my other hand the next day, they also lost their shine throughout the day, which is sad. I did find myself constantly rubbing over them, so it might have been my mistake.

Conclusion? They look nice and festive, but they are not long-wearing. Perfect to wear to a party or special occasion, but you'll be disappointed when you wear them in the week, because your nail will be ruined. Now, do I like it? I do, but it is nothing something I will wear very often. I like the colours and I like the effect, but I think it's sad that they fall off and lost their shine throughout the day.

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