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I know the winter is coming when my skin gets dryer. My hands, my feet, my legs, they all get dryer. The weird thing? My face doesn't. And my legs do. What? As if I cover up my face and not my legs. But well. I love to moisturize my body as soon as the weather gets colder. It just makes me feel so nourished!

A while back, I bought one of the new Dove Purely Pampering Bodylotions. They are available in 3 different scents: Jasmine Petals & Coconut Milk, Shea butter & Vanilla and Hibiscus & Almond Cream. Since I love almonds, I decided to go for the Hibiscus & Almond Cream scent (although I wanted to buy them all!).

It is a nice and nourishing lotion, although it is not the most nourishing one I own. When I shave my legs, I like to put on a very moisturizing lotion, but this one is perfect to apply when you get out of the shower in the evening. It sinks into your skin quite easily, which is perfect. I hate sticky pants because of body lotion, so this one is perfect for it.

As I said, I got the Hibiscus & Almond Cream one. And oh my, that scent is wonderful! It is noticeable, but not too much. Let's say it like this: people will notice it and maybe tell you you smell good, but it is not overpowering (yes Body Shop, I'm looking at you). It definitely has a hint of flower in it, which is nice. It is sweet, but still fresh.

say hello to Ms. Duck & Mr. Bunny

Overall, I really like using this body lotion. It is not the most nourishing I own, but it is lovely to apply when you want some extra moisture without being sticky all-over. I would give it 4 on 5.

It is for sale for €6.99 at Kruidvat & other stores that sell Dove.

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