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I don't know about you, but receiving a postcard makes me happy as a child. That is why I really love holidays. In summer, you get cards from beautiful places and in winter, you get wishes from people you love (and from people you haven't seen since you were little). The sad thing is that that are only 2 moments in a year to receive postcards. Until I stumbled upon Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is an online iniative, started by a Portuguese student and launched in 2005. He also loved sending and receiving postcards and wanted to do that with people from other countries. When I saw the site about a year ago, I immediately signed up. The concept is very easy: you agree with sending a card, and the program picks an address from the database. This is not just randomly: when your card arrives and the receiver registrates it, you're put on the list to receive the next card.

You can set up your own profile and give a little explanation about yourself: what you like, what your hobbies are, etc. Even which cards you would like to receive! My profile is rather general, since I love receiving any card! And still, people send me exactly the cards I love. You can choose yourself when you send your card and how often you want to do it. When a person receives your card, he/she can leave you a thank you-message.

I decided to hang up all of my cards, so I taped them to the back of my door. So far, I have sent 19 postcards and I've received 27. All of them are different and all of them have their own story on them: an American grandmother, a Russian cole miner, a French student, ... They're all on Postcrossing. And there is one thing they all share: their love for postcards.

If you love postcards yourself and are interested, definitely take a look on the Postcrossing site, because it's very much worth it. I won't stop sending cards very soon!

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