Cake Pops

Trends seem to be everywhere, even in baking. We've had the cupcake, the macaron and now we have the cake pop. Although it was never as successful as the other two, it definitely has a certain charm. I never really got into making them, until now...

A while back, I got the Dr Oetker Cake Pops set. It has everything you need to make and decorate them, all you need to add is a little bit of butter and 1 egg. Not bad! But what is a cake pop? Basically, it is a ball of cake on a stick, covered in icing (usually chocolate) and decorated! I must admit I have never tried one, but they can't be bad.

There are machines available to make the perfect rounds for cake pops, but they are not necessary. This set gives you mini-muffin liners, so you basically make miniature cakes. They are adorable!

Now what do you get? The cake pop mix, chocolate frosting, 10 sticks, 10 mini cups and decoration. The only things you have to add is 30 grams of butter and one egg. I personally think that the portions are not amazing. You get just enough of the cake pop mix, but you'll need to scrape out your bowl to fill the cups properly. That's not really a problem, just sad that you can't lick the bowl.

It does get weird on the decoration part though. For me, there wasn't enough icing. I only had enough to cover 8 cake pops. Maybe I should have used less icing, but I think it's stupid if you only have a very thin layer. As for the cute decoration: you get way too much! I generously sprinkled it over my cake pops, and only half of my bag was gone. But I must say that Dr. Oetker did good on this.

The instructions are great for anyone, it really helps you from unpacking to eating. I'm usually not really into pre-fab mixes because I just love to make dough myself, but this is perfect when you do not have much time or maybe you're just a little lazy. I don't judge. And if you really don't get it, you can even look the instruction movie online. What a service!

I'm not sure whether I'm going to buy the set again, but they did do a good job. This is perfect for when you don't have much time or don't want to whip up a dough completely, but when you do want to impress someone. Or just yourself. Because they definitely are yummy. Enjoy!

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