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I won't deny it: I love tea. I may be a little addicted, but it is my most loved beverage in the winter! Oh yes, I can easily drink 6 cups throughout the day. Crazy? Not for me! But I do have a bad habit with it. For some reason, I feel like tea should be accompanied by something sweet. A piece of chocolate, a cookie, ... I really have to limit myself for that! So I found something that perfectly pairs with my tea, but is a little healthier.

I first found chocolate covered almonds in our local whole foods store. Just a warning, they are very addictive. Which explains why they are often out of stock, I'm obviously not the only one with an addiction! Which made me think.. How hard can it be to make them? I mean, it are pretty much almonds with some chocolate around it (duh, didn't see that!).

The good thing is that you can modify these completely to your own liking. You can use any nut you like and any type of chocolate you like. I chose blanched almonds and 85% cocoa chocolate, because I wanted to try it out. I actually really liked it, but I think most people would prefer chocolate with a smaller cocoa content.

Small warning: make a lot of them, because if you are a little bit like me, you will eat these in 2.3 nanoseconds. I did not use specific amounts, so I cannot give you those but you actually don't really need it. The chocolate layer is not very thick, but I like that. It allows you to both taste the chocolate and the almond, which is pretty much its purpose. There you go, success!

  • Blanched almonds (or any nuts of choice)
  • Chocolate
I used about 50 grams of chocolate, which I melted in the microwave. You could also do this au bain marie, but the microwave is perfect for lazy people (like me). I put the chocolate in for 30 seconds and then stir through to see whether it is melted already. Just repeat until the chocolate is completely melted.

When your chocolate is melted, pour in some almonds and swirl them around, making sure they are covered fully. Don't put in too many in one time, because you may not have enough chocolate to cover them up.

I put a piece of foil on a plate and put my almonds on there. Put the plate in the refridgerator to speed up the process. When the chocolate has hardened completely, you can take out the plate and put them in a small container. I stored mine in the fridge, but you do not have to do so at all. Enjoy!

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