My favourite cookbooks

Merry Christmas Eve! Wait, still looking for a last minute gift? Stop here. Honestly, who doesn't love cookbooks? Most people just love gawking at the pictures (guilty), and it may just be that they make you something to thank you. Doesn't that sound like the perfect gift? I know.

As you know, I'm mostly a baker. I don't really cook that often and I personally prefer baking cook books. The pictures are just a lot prettier! So here you go:

1001 Cupcakes
This really is the perfect book for that person that loves cookies and cupcakes. No fancy desserts in here, just the largest amount of cookies, cupcakes and muffins that you will ever see. There aren't 1001 recipes in here, but the nice thing is that there are a lot of varieties on each recipe, which adds up to 1001 in the end. It's also a quite large book, and I really like the layout. To me, pictures are really important and they did a great job here!

LEON Baking & Puddings
Just look at that cover. Before I even knew this was a baking cookbook, I knew I wanted it! I love it so much. And wait till you see those recipes! LEON is a healthy fast food chain in the UK and a lot of the recipes in the book are featured in their restaurants. There isn't a recipe I don't want to make in here, they all look amazing. The muesli I made also comes from this book, and it's amazing.

Basic Patisserie
I waited a long time to buy this book, just because I wasn't sure whether I would use it very often. This one is completely different from the other two ones because although it says 'basic', it is written by a teacher at a hotel school. I personally feel like this is the perfect book to give to someone who loves to bake and does it often, because the recipes do require some skill. I must admit, the result looks really pretty and it makes you feel even more proud for succeeding.

Goe Gebakken 2
This one has become a little bit of an oldie already, but it is still amazing. It is an amazing book for anyone, even for someone who is very clumsy. It has a nice variety of different desserts in here, so it's also a nice book if you are looking for a fancy dessert for Christmas. I really like the look of this book, it just makes you want to bake immediately.

Delicious. Hét Bakboek!
The newest addition to my collection! And oh my, I am already addicted. There are a whole lot of recipes in here and the pictures accompanying each and every recipe are beautiful and mouthwatering. The recipes in here are all a little bit different from the classics, but definitely perfect for a lot of people because they aren't too crazy or too fancy. I haven't made anything from this book yet, but that will change soon!

Ons Kookboek
Last but not least: this book really had to be in here. If there is only one cookbook you can have for the rest of your life, this is it. It has every recipe you can dream of and even more. The new version came out last year and there are so many recipes I still want to try.. The only sad thing about this book is that you can probably never make all of the recipes you would want to!

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