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In November, I started training for my very first half marathon ever. Now it is getting colder, I'm looking for new (& cute) sportswear. I definitely prefer running outside over running in the gym, so that's why I need some warmer clothes. Here is my wishlist:

I have a pair of long tights, but I would like a thicker pair. I really like these Adidas tights, I think the blue stripes are a nice addition. There are a lot of nice tights out there, but these are just a tad more original. Bottoms like these are an essential when running outside during the winter, because cold legs are an absolute no!

Headbands are also a complete must. I was actually looking for a warm headband that covers my ears (I know, not very fashionable), when I bumped into these Nike chevron headbands. I am completely addicted to chevron and since I cut my hair short, these would come in very handy! I really can't decide on the colour though.. They're all so cute!

So since I was really looking for a warm headband, I found these reversible ones who are, again, from Nike. They actually look quite okay and it's nice that they have a lot of colours available. I do like the blue and green one best; it's not too noticeable, but the colours pair very nicely.

I do not wear long-sleeve shirts often, just because I don't like the feel of it. Which explains why I don't have any long-sleeve running shirts. Well... My mom convinced me to buy a long-sleeve running sweater a while back and it actually is very nice. So when it is this shirt, I would probably be willing to wear a long-sleeve running shirt!

Last but not least at all: a sport bra. Ever since I bought my first sport bra, I'm in love. They are so much more comfortable, they fit right in each and every spot: they are amazing. Victoria's Secret has their own sport line and they have amazing stuff. And they also have this absolutely beautiful sport bra I completely fell in love with. Oh my, it is so stunning!

I hope Sinterklaas or Santa Claus comes and take a look on here, because for the moment they'll just stay on my wishlist (sadly enough). I hope you liked it!

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  1. So inspired by your post. I recently bought myself a running gear from the New Balance India website. Check it out.